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How To Margin N2 million In 2 Years As Profit From Photocopy Business

Samuel made N2million through his print and photocopy business

How did Samuel start with one desktop photocopier in his print shop business for just N 25000 and grow into a multimillionaire enterprise in 2 years? How did he margin his profit from that photocopy business successfully where others folded up from their small photocopy shops near them? In this lesson, will show you about how he did it and you too can.

          Samuel’s Beautiful Philosophy To Be Applied For Your Personal Success

Samuel said philosophically as quoted:“What I do for myself will benefit me more than any person can pay me as a salary if I work for that person. All my life it has always been what I can do for myself”. Even if you work for somebody else to earn a good salary, you can not fulfill your life. You need to look for something you can do to benefit yourself. Do you want to start a photocopy center with small investment and build successfully though challenges? Then enjoy this amazing story from Samuel’s odds in life story here.

                                    Samuel’s Amazing Success Story

There was once a man named Samuel. He lived in Warri. But he lost his father, the breadwinner of the family before he finished his primary school in 1976. Without assistance from anyone, he struggled to gain secondary school education through working as a building carrier he used to pay his school fees after school hours.

After completing his secondary school, he could not process his education further without being sponsored for his academic school. So he moved to Lagos to look for something he could benefit himself, not minding of paid employment. When he found music for living in his small shop close to a NEPA (now IBEDC) office, he married his beautiful lady.

His source of income was singing, playing, musical instruments and dubbing cassettes for churches. But his business did not go well, and he started looking for another business to move his success. He tried to imagine what type of business he could do to benefit himself and his family, but God opened his eyes to see business opportunity that could transform his life beyond his imagination through his wife whom he worked together in his small shop.

One day, she suggested him to buy one small tabletop photocopy machine for business so that she and his husband would not direct people elsewhere whatever they were asked if they had photocopying service because they were bothered about this so much. That is where their business idea started there.

When he found he was responded by the huge number of customers after he improved his photocopy machine so well in which customers liked his job after he and his wife spied about common problems associated with photocopying copier machine from a repairing engineer, he bought more business copiers as well as computer services such as laminating, binding machine, printer machine, etc.

That is where his small business grew into a multimillionaire enterprise in just 2 years he started small photocopier business with just 24,500 he had in his saving account from his musical business.

With 2.5 millions, he began thinking about branches he wanted to set up in other parts of Lagos state because they had too many copiers and many customers in their photocopying services. But when he set up business branches in other parts, he lost 2.5 millions to his dishonest boys he sent to man business for him because of his fledgling business or new experiences.

But he did not give up what he lost. He kept fighting till he got 4 millions back in one year in order to buy his own press business he saved each time he earned from his print-and-copy business. He bought his own four printing related machines such as cutting machine, printing machine, etc after he was rejected about borrowing for press machine business by Loan Company.

With his cash management and business skills, he was able to build a multiple millions from his enterprise in 2 years where others folded up they were sent to man for him and also bring back again in one year where he lost much to his boys who eloped with his fat profit from his business branches he sent them to manage for them and set up their own full business centers some where in the hidden place.

What do you learn from this story? Here are lessons you should learn from.

                         7 Steps To Photocopy Business Profit Margin 

These 7 steps are received from Samuel’s lessons. Enjoy these lessons in following steps here.

Step 1: Look for something you can do to fulfill yourself.

Step 2: Locate a shop where Post office, visa service office, immigration premises, NEPA office, bank office, West African Examination office and or university or college premises are near you at high traffic junction in the good environment.

Step 3: Find any good photocopy copier, be it HP, Xerox, Canon, etc. Ask copier repairing engineer to help you to find the best qualified machine for you. Decide either mini or max machine you want to buy, depending on your financial ability. 

Or decide whether you want to buy new or used copy machine. I don’t know if there is a sale of a slot photocopier machine in this country. Try to ask for this.

Step 4: Start one small desktop photocopier and build later. When your business improves, buy other more computer services if necessary.

Step 5: Buy A2 or A4-sheet paper pack for making photocopy and print. Some are qualified where others low qualified. Find only qualified A2 or A4 paper pack. Choosing A4 papers plus good copier and also print copier helps you to build money fast.

Step 6: Learn to master your cash management as well as business skills. Lacking money management gives pilferers an opportunity to do in order to collapse your business gradually later. Do not trust any boy or girl even your blood especial your wife. 

Recording each time you sell photocopying and printing service helps you to scare pilferers from cheating your business. What makes them difficult to cheat you is to monitor the reading number from copier machine each time you or your boy or girl sell photocopies. 

What scares your employing staff from cheating you during your absence is to start with meter reading in record from the copier each morning in the open sale and in the close sale each night. I worked with my uncle in the cyber café as a supervisor in 2010 before.

Photocopying and printing business is so lucrative, and it helps you build rich in no time if you watch it so soberly or manage it well. Do not allow any staff or any person to take new A2 or A4 sheet out of those papers or borrow it for writing for whatever the reason even yourself. Manage both –copier number and A4 papers pack well. It helps you grow fast.

Step 7: Try to learn something repairing from machine engineer if you want to turn out good quality copies.


Starting and building multiple cash in less than two years is possible if you take of money management and business skills as well as locate a photocopy store close to school, post, embassy, etc premises. That is where many copier businessmen fail.

I hope you benefit from this lesson? Any question or comment you would like to ask or add what you read this article? Then you are welcome to drop your comment here and I will be happy to hear from you and then share with you in the public.

Thank you for reading this lesson 

Happy Photcopreneur!

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