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How To Start Up Cosmetics Industry In Nigeria With N200,000

make money fast daily as a cosmetic distributor through cosmetic business in nigeria

How to start a cosmetic store business is another opportunity where you can set up and make money daily as a minor or major distributor because it is highly lucrative as people still use different kinds of cosmetics care products for their personal appearance daily. It is called fast moving consumer goods or products (FMCG or FMCP). How to start a cosmetic store business is a good one for any one, whether woman or man who want to go into venture business.

Starting makeup, a skincare or cosmetic business in Nigeria does not require huge capital to invest in for business because cosmetic or makeup products are so cheap in price if you buy cartons in bulk. For as a cosmetics distributor you want fast turnover daily, you need more than that money.

You need to have financial capacity with good knowledge of the strategic market. You need to have a warehouse. You need to be capable to buy a load of cosmetic products. You need to have a good location where you can sell fast daily like Agbeni Market, international popular market. Let me share with you this lesson.

                      What Kinds Of Cosmetic Care Products Are?

The involvements of cosmetic products are as follows here:

Personal Care Products: toothpaste, bathing soap, mouth wash, and some other deodorants

Beauty Products: face powder, nail polish remover, lipstick, lip-gloss, dust powder, etc

Hair Care And Treatments: hair straighter, hair spray, hair gloss, hair cream, and other type of hair treatment.

Skin Care Products: bleaching cream, body cream, moisturizing cream, skin lotion, etc.

Fragrance Products: roll-on, perfume jelly, body spray and perfumes.

Make Up Products: shampoo, eyebrow make up, congealer, lipstick, mascara, etc.

Toiletries: toilet paper, bathing soap, sanitary towel, etc.

Hair Care Products: hair extension, Brazilian wigs, etc.

This indicates how hot this product is because most people use different kinds of cosmetic products for their personal appearance. And you will make thousands of naira daily if you walk in as either a supermarket retailer, or wholesaler or a major dealer. It can make you so rich. Cosmetic stores owned by minor/ major distributors or super marketers are some where you come across there. It is hot you need to take advantage.

One acquaintance whom I was a former customer to at Agbeni street had owned a building through cosmetic store he made a partnership with his wife as a minor distributor in full time. May be both of them make more than N5000 daily buying and selling personal care products, toiletries, fragrance products, skin care products, beauty products plus other little hair extension products in one rented warehouse because I saw it. They had no rest from Monday to Saturday. They had good patronage. Later time, they found hair extension products becomes hot. So they rent other one big warehouse beside their old warehouse.

And again, one mother whom I often purchase something for my personal use at home make thousands daily buying cartons in beverages, personal care products, toiletries, skin care products, processing foods, biscuits and sweets/candies at Agbeni markret for cheap and selling piece(s), dozen(s) and sachets to end-users and retailers here at my hometown, Odo-Ona, Apata for wholesale. She is a real minor distributor. I call her a saved-percent trader. That is why end-users, customers or retailers still prefer her to other competitors in the same place in near or far distance.

Your integrity and rich character towards customers are remembered longer than your business. That is how the acquaintance at Agbeni market and the mother at Odo-Ona do it makes them sell faster than their distributorship competitors in the same place.

Even if you have everything in your warehouse as a wholesaler or minor distributor and you cheat customers because you don’t have change in money, you will lose customers to other competitors in the same place even you sell wholesale. Better sell only kobo that makes you rich than sell naira.

You can start with any capital from #200,000 to above. You do not need millions to become a major cosmetics distributor or cosmetics supplier if you know you don’t have financial power. You can start with as a minor skincare distributor to make money daily selling only kobo. For a cosmetics supermarket, you can buy kobo in bulk and sell only little naira at high junction like Danax at Mokola if you like. It is up to you.

It does not mean both the acquaintance and the mother had hundred thousands or millions to start everything. May be they started small and grew big through daily reinvestment. May be they plough back each time they make sales.

Some several years before, I saw that everything the mother had for sales on provisions was small and she sat inside her store, waiting for any customers to purchase from them during her nap and I did not patronize her when I passed by her. But today she no more sat or catnapped there inside her store as she often did it before because of her full materials inside and outside her store like a balloon or bulge.

It is the same thing with the acquaintance at Agbeni market. He had one only warehouse he stored cosmetic products. He could be inside and outside his store. But today he is no more because of his bulged materials that cause his family outside his store. Remember I told you he had only one warehouse he stored. But now he had two warehouses. Both their fast growth in sales is the bane of plow-back investment daily. Rome could not be built in one day.

                How To Get Started As A Wholesale Cosmetics Distributor In Nigeria

Step 1:
Decide what level you want to operate as and what kind of cosmetic product you want to trade. If you want to buy beauty products online and sell it here offline as an importer, I recommend you to register Aliexshop in order to buy so cheap.

Step 2: Decide what location you want to set up

Step 3: Plan everything before you can start. Don’t wait until you have everything. Just start with whatever you have. I mean feasibility. It is your map. You must plan well before you make your access in business.

Step 4: Go directly to cosmetics manufacturer(s) if you want to become a cosmetics distributor or go indirectly to cosmetics supplier(s) or major distributor(s) at popular international market any where you live there in a city and buy any cartons in small or great numbers if you cannot afford to become a major dealer.

Step 5: Trade cosmetic products to make fortunate.

                                    Will N200,0000 Be Okay For Me?

“pls I want to start up a retail cosmetic business, will N200k be okay for me?” That is what I received it from one other blog. I laugh, not because he wants to know it, but because he was frightened. He does not want to make mistake. I was surprised when I was asked questions like these: “can I start a coca cola mini depot with N300,000? Do you know about coca cola mini depot? how much do you think?”

Business success does not come to those who have lack faith, lack passion or lack vision. It comes only to those who have faith with good vision or have passion. You never know how much you can start until you try. Better start and fail than not start and achieve.

Let share with you my own paraphrased idea story. One widow heard divine voice, saying, “Behind this Igbo bean cake hawker. Go and start this same business!”. But the widow was not sure because she did not know much she could start this business. So she asked God, saying, Lord, how much do You think I can start this business?

But He angrily said to her: “Stop asking Me this foolish question. Go and start this business!” And she was afraid because she only had N170 that could not meet business requirements. So she called her friend and made agreement that both would share 50-50 with her if the friend partnered with her with her own money.

But God hurt the widow’s friend by sickness in one week, called the widow and rebuked, saying, “Go and start this business alone, with what you have!”

N170?! Said the scared widow

“Yes, woman”, said God. And the woman obeyed and took risk by faith. To her surprise, she became the greatest bean cake seller by the power of plough-back investment. With this, she was able to build a house, buy a jeep and sent her children to good school. Do you have 20,0000 naira, 50,000 naira, 200,000 naira, 300,000 naira, 500,000 naira,etc? Start with it. Even if any business requires you great money to start, start with whatever you have. Bible said in Ecc.9:10: “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.”

Why waste your time by jumping from Nairaland to Qora and from one place to other place on question about money in which you want to know and business in which you want to start? Go and Start with whatever you have. For your question, I am not sure if N200,000 will be okay for you to start skincare or cosmetic business because I don’t know unless you have feasibility. 200,000 naira may be okay for me if I know what to do because I have faith.


How to start a cosmetic store business is the best business any person starts up with either capital because it does not require huge capital in which some people think so. I do not bother myself about how much I want to start. It is only idea I can start with either capital I find myself.

If you understand about cosmetic store opportunity and you develop passion for this business, you can start and achieve. I love this business because it is hot and it can make me rich, but it is not my understanding. What do you think you read this article above? Share with me here in this comment box. But no spam here please if you try to add your URL here.

Happy entrepreneur

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