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How To Make N100,000 Daily Investing In Canned Soft Drinks As A Local Coca-Cola Distributor

the most lucrative business you start business is distribution coca cola brand. it is hot. it can make you rich.

                        Investing In As A Local Coca-Cola Distributor

In this lesson, Investment4business shows you how you can make profit daily investing in as a local Coca-Cola distributor. The three lessons you need to know more about Coke bottling company and other one here:

                          · Why Are Global Brands Hot?

                         · How Much Gain Can I Get Selling Coca-Cola In Wholesale?

                         · How To Start And Make Money As a Local Distributor.

                                         Why Are Global Brands Hot? 

You may ask that question. However, I want to tell you later in this lesson. I worked as a Cybercafé supervisor for my former boss in the Coke Depot several years ago. I saw how profitable he made daily because he was well-patronized.

Though, there are only two brand leaders in this country I ever know that can make you rich. The two brand leaders are SevenUp and Coke. They are hot because they are real leaders in this country. They are in every nook and cranny of this country, Nigeria, not so? Good!

Those coca-Cola wholesale distributors who deliver their coke or Pepsi drink service to customers daily really relish their own share of that brand’s profit daily because they invest in consumed drinks as a coca-cola dealer. 

If you ask some major distributors about well-known brands in the world, they will tell you how they relish their own share of the billions of naira profit those brands like Nestle Foods, PZ Cussons, Nigeria Breweries, Unilever, MTN, GLO, Coke, Seven Up, Dangote Group, etc on regular basis.

Why? Because they are global brands. They can make you so rich if you decide to invest in one or more of them as a local distributor. Let me tell you why they are hot any day and any time daily because they have many different kinds of hot products that can make you sell fast daily. I call them ‘Fast Moving consumable Goods (FMCGs)’. They are leveraged products. If you try to invest in any one brand that sell only one or two products as a dealer, it will make you sell slow and you lose profit much.

So you need to look who have more than tickets with high standards and invest in as a distributor and make more than 100,000 daily, depending on your location or your environment.

Let me talk about one global brand. That is Coke I want to share with you in this lesson. I may not recognize Seven Up’s soft drink products well, but Coke’s products because they have Five-Alive Juices, canned drinks, and bottling drinks, not so? If you know about Seven Up products, no problem. You can go into brand or both as a major or minor distributor, replying on how you want to choose.

No competitor can outsell or outgrow their high different fast products. Or it makes new competitors difficult to choke their strongest products. That is why you need to take advantage of that hot offer as a distributor.

Okay. Let me tell you the reason why Coke is better is because they have free branded materials including other mouth-watered marketing support services that help you to achieve your business. 

They have offered you lowest-price products with high commissions, depending on how many volumes you buy that, that will help you to earn more regular income from their canned, plastic, fruit juice, Eva and glass bottle products daily.

But you need to work hard by helping Coke or Coca-Cola bottling company (or other one , Seven Up bottling company) to sell their coke products any where in your city by introducing your new service to canteens, wedding, birthday, coronation, burial parties, restaurants, etc if you want the coke company to make you millions of naira every month. Investing in bottling drinks require you N1million or more.

But if you can not afford to invest in, I recommend you to invest in one-way packs and make thousands selling those one-way packs. It means you can buy packages of plastic soft drinks, Eva plastic drinks, cartons of canned drinks and fruits juices in bulk at discount or distributing price and pack it away daily for good profit. 

One-way packs are so cheaper in price than crates of glass-bottling drinks. You can start with N500,000 I think so. I am not sure of this capital. Just see it by calculating and planning it.

                 How Much Gain Can I Get Selling Coca-Cola In Wholesale?

According to the local paper I read several years ago, the company gives you your supply at a distributorship price which you can not sell above as a major dealer because you will sell to the sub-dealers.

For as a sub-dealer, you can sell a little higher. But for as a major distributor, the trickery you can earn higher profit daily is sell those frozen assorted minerals to ended-users within your depot the company will give you free long-stand freezer.

Your profitability determines volumes. Your profitability determines your marketing skills. If you are able to sell 300 or 500 cartons of products within one or two days daily, you will make more than N100,000 in profit daily. You need to master your marketing skills or strategies. Okay? Let me continue with this lesson.

The minimum, as far as commission, is concerned is 3% per unit for 300 cartons or crates of drinks bought and sold. The more you buy volumes, the higher your commission is, 4%, 5%, etc. 

            How To Start And Make Money As a Local Distributor

1. You need to have financial capability for truck load purchase.

2. You need to have a warehousing facility

3. You need to have a van for your service any where within your city.

4. You need to have a shop in a visible and accessible location.

5. You need to have ice block machine for your service. You need to have some tanks or plastic drums or barrels for cooling soft drinks for clients in service at party if you want quick profit daily.

If so, visit coca-cola or Seven Up depot nearest you. Ask for distributorship form and then fill it with your personal details. Show them where your operation is. Then invest in this opportunity as a distributor and make your way to smile to the bank daily. 

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Happy Ownpreneur!


  1. I like this but is it a must to have 500k if nt up
    to that amount nko

    1. Thank you for liking this lesson. Yes. I agree with you on that. But you can buy small for business as a retailer.

      If you want quick turnover daily, you can buy in bulk for as a minor or major distributor. Thank you for adding your comment to this article.

  2. Can I be a distributor with 100,000. I have big space for keeping the drinks.

    1. Yes. You can if you know what to do. if your sales become hot you can start with 100,000, you can look for more loan to make your leverage on business if you have good report on financial transaction. That is called financial records. it is important.

  3. If a location is in street can I make sales and will I do it ,bec because I just want to invest

    1. Even if there is a location in the street, you can make good sales daily if your location is at side traffic junction. The trickery is to mix with soft drinks with provisions in the street.

  4. Being a major or minor distributor, must one have van? I think the convanny of goods will be carried out by the Coca cola company?

    1. Being a major or minor distributor, you must have one van. It is only sales reprepesentives that goods can be conveyed to daily by the coca cola company. it means a lorry in loads of soft drinks will be conveyed for sales reprenesatives in their warehouse.

  5. Please I dont have up to 1 million to start distributing, I only have 200k, what can I do with it?

    1. I don't say you can start with N 1 million. But you can start with whatever you have and grow bigger later.

      You say what can i do with it? Start with a budget and see how you can achieve your business.

      Think what to do this or that and where to go this or that. And it will help you grow fast in business.

  6. I have a 100k to start up this business bcos its one business I've been craving for bt I don't have a Van, space or warehouse. Is it possible to meet with Coca Cola and I would be given suggestions on location or other advises?

    1. So hard if you said you dont have a van, space and or warehouse. i am not sure.

  7. I want to become a distributor of coca cola,including Cann,in my locality, Uselu Benin city. I have big space, I can invest about NGN200,000

  8. I do I register as a membership

  9. I want to become a distributor of Coca Cola and I can invest N300,000 how do I get to any Coca Cola company from ipaja to fill a form

  10. Am impressed with all the questions and answers, were can I locate your office ibeju Lekki, I don't have van but I have a space and how can I start

  11. I'm interested how can I become a cocacola company distributor.


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