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How To Start Wholesale Soft Drinks With 50,000 Naira And Share Profit Daily

getting share of the coke family wealth daily through coca cola distribution business in nigeria

One of the easiest lucrative businesses you can start with N50, 000 and smile to the bank is coca cola distribution business opportunity. I know that starting a coca cola distribution business request you some few millions of naira. But I have good news for you. You can become a distributor for the coca cola company in Nigeria with a minimum of N50,000. That is called one- way package business.

You can receive your own share in the Coke wealth from the thousands of festive season spenders daily. Consumers can make you smile to the bank daily if you know what you are doing. You must know how to market so well. Starting one-way pack business as a dealer or distributor is much cheaper than Coke bottles business. Here is what I want to share with you.

                                     Festive Season Opportunity

For the festive season, the demand for various soft drinks based by spenders or consumers will be high. You know that many homes, individuals, relaxation centers and organizations among many other things will spend their money on soft drinks for guests, relatives, individuals, and friends. They will set aside funds to stock assorted drinks into the freezers to entertain their friends, guests and family.

That is where you position yourself as a distributor in order to receive your own share of the Coca Cola wealth from the thousands of consumers because they plan to put up a budget on the assorted soft drinks daily. They will consume more crates of soft drinks today than 4 crates. That is so lucrative.

                                   What Is The Coca Cola Brand?

Without doubt, the name of the Coca Cola brand is a real household name that any body can affiliate or can associate as a member. If you want to relish your own share of the global brand’s billions of naira daily, I recommend you to be an affiliate of the Coca-Cola bottling company.

This brand is a real marketing leader in the food and beverage industry because they have many different kinds of soft drinks that can make you profit daily. Every assorted soft drink is referred as a Coke by consumers.

According to the Forbes, the Coke was listed as the best leader of the global businesses. What an opportunity it is! Coca-Cola now makes more than millions in turnovers annually daily. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

              Why Must You Become Part Of The Coke Family’s Wealth Share? 

Do you know why some most distributors or dealers smile to the bank every day? Because they relish their own share of the coke wealth family without building their own factory. Once you participate in the coca-Cola bottling company as a one-way dealer, you will receive incentives or rebates on your purchase plus free materials. They will train you how to market well if you become a major distributor.

The Coke becomes a real way of life. If you want to make quick profit today daily, I recommend you to join as a distributor, and you will smile to the bank at whatever level of distributorship you choose yourself to play in the coke family.

                      How Much Can You Make As A Distributor in Nigeria?

It depends on your environment where you operate there. You make more or less profit, replying on the environment you sell. You sell fast or slow, depending on the environment you choose yourself.

                            Coca Cola Wholesale Price List In Nigeria

Do you want to know the list of wholesale price before you start coca cola depot in Nigeria? Here is our price list:

Wholesale Price List:

Pet Bottle Drinks per crate Price: N1100 or 1200 each.

Plastic / Can Drinks per pack: N1900 or N3800 each, depending on type of numbers

5 Alive Juice per pack: N1, 600 or N2, 150 each, depending on type of size

Eva Water per pack: N650 or N1400 each, depending on type of size.

Note: This wholesale price may not be sure. Please ask any representative about the price list.

                      Rebate Entitlement Distributorship Structure

When you become a major distributor, you are entitled to any rebate structure from 3% to above 7% you make your purchase in bulk. It depends on the type of volume you buy in bulk. If you buy 300 packs or crates, you are entitled to 3% on your purchase. If you buy 800 crates or packs, you are entitled to 4% on your investment. And 
each time you buy in bulk, you are entitled to any rebate of the volumes. What a profit!.

                     How Much Can You Start A Coca-Cola Depot In Nigeria

It relies on type of levels you want to operate as a Coca-Cola distributor. Be it major distributor or be minor distributor you want to become. If you have N50000, you can start as a one-way pack distributor or dealer because it is cheap to buy and you make little profit daily if you have heavy human traffic and or vehicle traffic.

But what make festive spenders prefer most are pet bottle drinks I visited there for wedding party or burial ceremony any where. If you want fast turnover daily, I recommend you both plastic and bottle soft drinks as a major distributor for coca cola if you ensure you have financial strength.

                                             How To Get Your Stocks

It is simple because Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) has sales representatives any where in cities such as Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun, Abuja, Port Harcourt, etc you can deal with dealers attached to by in different zones or areas. They will readily work with you any where you reside there if you order them to supply your stocks. The NBC is considered Lagos as a big city. But they have divided into different zones any where the sales representatives can work for major or minor distributors.

                   How To Become A Coca Cola Distributor In Nigeria

Tip 1: Decide what level you want to operate as a distributor. Be it as one-way dealer, minor or major dealer.

Tip 2: Decide how much you want to start as a dealer.

Tip 3: Decide where you want to operate there

Tip 4: Work your plan meticulously.

Tip 5: Choose what type of shop you want to store your product stocks. Be it small shop, be it steel big shop or warehouse, depending on what you want.

But remember you must have bigger warehouse or space with heavy human traffic or vehicle traffic if you are going to become a major coca cola distributor.

Tip 6: Go to any sales representative you want to operate with.

Tip 7: Apply a distributorship form with a cash or cheque. Let the sales representative know what you want, what package you want to order, where you operate there, etc.


Starting a coca cola distribution business in Nigeria is so lucrative business if you know what you are doing. Buying and selling assorted soft drinks can make you rich because spenders can not stop drinks if you know what you are doing.

Starting coca cola business can make or mar your profit, depending on your location and marketing skills. I hope you enjoy this lesson?

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Happy distributor!


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    1. Thank you for your reading and commenting. It is my pleasure.

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    1. I can link you with my uncle because he himself is a real sale representative, but customers must live within abeokuta so that he can operate with you on your zone area.

  4. Iam ready to be among cocacola,delar ,because iam tired of buying costprice from destrubutor, I have smallCash to join ,so what next

    1. But you need to register with a Coca Cola manufacturer if you have financial power. You need to have a big warehouse for store and small van.

      for small cash you have on your pocket, i don't think you can become a major dealer, unless you operate with one of the major sales representatives on transactions.

      It means you are not entitled to any rebates or incentives you make purchase on cheap price especial sales representative or major dealer. i have one sale representative, my uncle, he live at Abeouka, Ogun sate.

      The trick you can start small on purchase in bulk in plastics is to go to a producer and urge with them for a reason on dealership. What make them approve your application as a major dealer is a sweet woman. They may pity women because of their weak vessels. Just see it. Just test it.

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    1. No. I am not a coca cola producer or a sales representative. Please reread this article above there.

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