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17 Small Foolish Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria And Grow Lucrative Daily

small businesses you can make good profit daily starting in nigeria with low capital

                             Small Businesses In Nigeria With Low Capital 

In this article, Investment4Business show you about different small businesses in Nigeria with low capital in this lesson. There are different businesses that as little as 500,000, you can lift off the ground.

A range of these enterprise opportunities are suitable for jobless or unemployed those who can source up to N500,000 to start a business in the backyard.

Do you want to know what type of business venture you can start with #50,000 or #500,000 or what business to start with 500k in Nigeria as I was asked a question in my other blog? Then here is a list of them you can start with according to your choice that fit you:

1. Canteen Business: One of top lucrative businesses you can start with little money is canteen business. You can start with N5000 or N10, 000 if you want to do Night Canteen business in your stall or if you want to do as a public canteen hawker or do canteen as a wheel walker.

2. Plantain Business: There are two optional things you can start with less than N20, 000. The first option is that you can buy bunches of fresh plantain cheap in the village and resell it in your community as a hawker or in your stall/shop.

The second is that you can market and distribute packets of plantain chips you produced and become a money spinner. What you need is to get equipments such as frying pan, plantain cutter, etc. People love snacks.

3. Toiletries and beverage Business: People can not do it without toiletries. They need it to keep their body, clothes and kitchen clean daily. It is hot. And also they need beverages to keep them pleasure or for fun daily. So you can start with N50, 000 or less than N50, 000 and grow big beyond your expectation.

4. Mobile Phone Accessories Business: You can start with as little as N10, 000 or N20, 000 by buying either offline or online like power bank, etc and sell for 300 per cent profit.

Visit Aliexpress suppliers for mobile phone accessories by typing that phrase word in the Aliexpress search and they will ship you goods free of charge if you buy what you look for. Please find what type of mobile phone accessories you want to buy for business by typing a word in the Aliexress search at the top above.

5. Haulage Business: I think you may not be able to afford to start because it requires large start-up capital. It is only for capitalists. But you can start with N20, 000 or N50, 000 by obtaining hired contacts from people you advertised and make money with it.

6. Frozen Food Business: You can trade parts of frozen foods in pack including other crates of eggs and magnums of local vegetable oil starting with as little as N20,000 in your stall if you don’t have enough money to buy deep freezer, KV2 generator and rent shop.

7. Sweets Business: You can make money daily selling N5, N10 and or N20 sweets including N5 sachets of pure water to pupils and secondary students outside or near the school premises starting with N5, 000 or N10, 000.

8. Shoeshine Business: Selling your shoeshine service to people on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays including cobbling service at the conspicuous junctions is such a money spinner.The start-up capital for this business is just N500 or N1000. You just buy shoe brush and a Kiwi polishes including other one and make money with it.

9. Bookshop Business: There are two options you can start with less or more capital. The first option is that you can start with N5000 or N10, 000 by buying a few inspirational books from big bookshop at wholesales and resell it at retail as a wheel stand at the conspicuous junctions.

The second is that you can start with N50k up to N60k if you want to start small or N150 or N200k if you want to start big by renting a shop/warehouse, buying a few cartons of inspirational books at distributing price in Kaduna and Lagos and sell it wholesaling and retailing.

10. Mini-kerosene Sales Business: Kerosene business is not only a very lucrative business, but also is a very volatile business in which you need to watch the market well.

If you want to go into venture business, you can start mini business with N10, 000, N25, 000 or N50, 000, depending on kind of materials you want to buy for example, a few 25-litre jerry cans, hoses, funnels, litres of kerosene and measuring cans. 

Or if you want to start big, you can start with with N150, 000 or N200, 000, replying on your financial strength by buying materials such as a storage tank, drums, steel cans for measurements, etc. You can buy litres of kerosene cheap from either sales representatives or NNPC.

11. Decoration Business: If you can do decorations skillfully, you can start with N20000 and make money charging clients according to the venues or stages and according to what kind of decorations clients want you display in the albums.

12. Raw Foodstuffs Business: If you want to do as a retailer, you can start with N20,000 or N50,000 by buying a few bags of raw foodstuffs with others such as magi, jerry can of local vegetable oil, tomato paste, etc and grow below your expectation.

13. Call Centre Business: May be you can start this lucrative business with N15000 or N25000 by buying second-handed Nokia phone, different prepaid lines, different recharged vouchers on GLo, MTN, Airtel, etc with two plastic chairs, one plastic table with a umbrella and make money daily selling lines and vouchers at the conspicuous junctions. It could be both man and woman.

14. School Materials Business: It means a person deals in different kinds of biro, pencil, crayon, eraser, etc for primary and secondary school. I am not sure how much you can start with this business.

But you can start with N50, 000 as a test by buying different cartons of biro, pencil, etc at distributing price and sell it at wholesale price in distribution according to your customers’ requirements.

15. X-Pression Hair-Weaving Business: I think it may be hot because I saw that customers still swamped to the hair-weaving distributor at Ogunpa Market. It means it is hot demand. May be you can start with N150,000 or N200,000 if you want to deal in as a main distributor.

Or may be you can start with N10, 000, N20, 000 or N50,000 by buying a few cartons of X-Pression hair-weave and resell it in long nylon sachet at wholesale or retail if you want. You can gather it together beverage plus toiletries for sales in your shop.

16. Cosmetics-Perfumes Business: Women can make you rich by this business because they like to spend money on cosmetics and perfumes to keep them beautiful body.

Before starting with any capital you can afford to, you must have knowledge of their skins by choosing right kinds of cosmetics and perfumes because they have different skins.

17. Shopping-bag Business: You can start with any capital from N1000 to N50,000 by buying different sizes of packing-bags and shopping-bags from a producer at cheap price and selling it at wholesale if you want to deal as a distributor or at retail if you want to do as a retailer. It is very hot because marketers, shoppers, customers demand it daily for packing in size, shopping, storing, carrying, etc.

18. Domestic Appliances Business: For minor home appliances, you can start with N10,000 or up N50,000 by buying different appliances like plugs, bulbs, sockets, etc at wholesale price and selling it at retail. 

 For major home appliances, you can start with N200,000 or up N500,000 by buying different kinds of standing fans, generators, stabilizers, big radio, freezers, etc worth of millions from electronics manufacturers in your big warehouse. It is high profit. It is hot.

19. Casual Wear Business: Before You can start with any start-up capital from N10,000 to N100,000, decide which gender wear you want to trade. Also visit Aliexpress shop for casual wears. They are so cheap if you name China or USA or UK casual wears in the Amazon search. Try it.

20. Transportation Business: If you have money from N100,000 to N500,000 and you interest in transportation business, you can buy either motorbike , tricycle known as keke bike or taxi car and make money with it daily.

There are many more top businesses I can not post in this blog especial e-book. I hope you enjoy this lesson, Small Businesses In Nigeria With Low Capital’? Pass this link to others on your blog, forum, and social networking sites. Do you have any comment you want to drop? Drop your comment in this box.

Happy Ownpreneur!

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