Friday, April 20, 2018

One Business You Can Start Off With 20000 Naira


I don’t understand why some among Nigerians still google as if they are not satisfied with what they read there. The different questions I googled and saw what Nigerian people look for are: What business can i start with 50000; business you can start with 20000 naira; what business can i start 500000 naira; business you can start with little capital in Nigeria; business you can start with 10000; business you can start with 1 million, etc. This looks like fanatic imagination.

Though, when I found it in the related search on the Google, I feel pity on them because these questions can destroy their success in business and it also can thwart them from starting a business in access. Just read this old piece as an instance of the dangerous word: “What Business can i start with 2 million?” adopted from Success Digest Newspaper. This old piece was authored by stock expert columnist and stockbroker, Sanmi Akindipe.

“I had readers asking questions on the above issues and the funny is that the question they were asking me was the same question they asked me when they lost money in the stock market.

I did speak with those I could, but all I ask saying is stop asking the same question that has led many innocent investors into the bottomless pit of debt and loss of their stocks. The question is “What penny stock can i buy now that will make me money?

This question has killed so many and destroyed many people’s profit in the market. The question suggests you just want to hit the market and run away. It must be clear to you that no one can beat the market and the attitude of trying to hit the market and run, puts you on an altitude of consistent loss in the stock market.

Rather the question you should ask at any point in time should be, How can I make money from the present stock market?” this question suggests that you want to take trading and stock investment as a business on its own and this is the question that can lead you to wealth in the stock market. It is my joy to write what will help move your financial life forward through the stock market”
. This piece is vol.4.No.12, Tuesday, July 21, 2009.

The question you ask now above there you are reading now in this article indicates that you don’t have time to consider about customers’ needs and who your competitors are and what I can do for my country or you don't care about customers' needs or wants because you want money or to be greedy or you want to pleasure yourself. That is why you seek for information by asking people on Nairaland to give you list, what business can i start with 20000 naira? Or by typing the question into the Google search Box.

That is why scammers are happy to plan to deceive you into acting to buy their eBooks on business or online business they never practice it before.

One of my female Nigerian readers asked me on chat online through Whatsapp to give her any idea she can start with her money. She was a real banker. That makes me an opportunity to mouth-water her on my ebook sales, whether she likes it or not, I don’t care because of her greed.

But to keep my honesty in God fear, I gave her warm warning and encourage her to try to think about herself what she could do for herself. But she was not satisfied with it because she was not sure of what she really desired for her destiny in business. And she wanted me to choose one business for her.

So I decided to write an article on the title, “Which business can I can start with?” and sent her my URL in another blog after publishing it. And when she read it in her phone, she stopped asking me again because she understood it and then thanked me for opening her eyes on business.

In any way, I would like to give you one solution that will help you to achieve your aim. Are you ready for it? Good! Here is your guide on business:

               One Business You Can Start With Any Other Capital You Have

Step # 1: Have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself. Say three times: I believe I can prosper.

Step # 2: Have faith in your ideas because you have power God give you. Ask within yourself. Stop asking people to give you any list you can start with 20000.

Step # 3: Then think within yourself, “What business can I do for people in exchange? Or what type of business can I do to benefit myself and my family? Or how can I finance my project? Or how can I start with N20000?” Imagine yourself. Bishop Benson said, “When man purposes, God will perform it”.

Step # 4: Whether you know it or not, whether you have passion for it or not; or whether you experience it or not, whether it is hard or easy, start the same day you suddenly receive fresh idea from above. Don’t be scared of this idea you never experience it before. Believe in this idea. Act on this idea by faith. Don’t doubt about it because God tests you.

Step # 5: Whether you have money or not, just plan it through details as if you have already have millions. That is called business plan. Just write it down in details.

Step # 6: Go and act on this idea. Don’t worry in case that you make mistakes. Just access it by faith because God is the one that will lead you where you go.


If you read 2 kings 4: 1-7 on the certain Christian widow’s pot of cooked oil, you will understand how powerful God is. The Lord Your God will bless all the work of thine hand, and whatsoever he doesth shall prosper. God gives you Brain. Use it for prosperous business.

Try and see. Come and share with me on how this article works. No spam please. If you like this article, spread this URL to people any where on social media, etc. No plagiarism please

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