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Turn Your specialized Knowledge Into A Booming Consulting Business In 4 Tips

make millions through consultancy business in Nigeria
How To Set Up A Consulting Business
Learning how to start a consulting business could be any body even they drop out of school. but consulting business can be meant as a paid agency that can provide professional consulting services. A Consultant can be defined as an expert who can give advice or as somebody can see problems and proffer solutions.

But do you want to learn how to become a consultant? Do you want to know how long it takes to become a business consultant? Do you want to turn your specialized knowledge into a millionaire consulting business in Nigeria and you do not know how to go about it? Here is what I want to share with you this lesson. 

But first of all, I love consulting firm or business because that is where I make money without zero investment. I made N 64,000 a day selling my knowledge to attendees on stock market in between 1999 and 2010 as a facilitator without going to higher school to get certificate for public speaking or training for consultancy business.

Assuming if you have specialized knowledge, you can turn it into a prospering or flourishing business—consulting business. Consulting business is real goldmine—there is goldmine in consultancy business only few people know.

How did Jimoh Ibrahim get millions investing in oil industry without borrowing kobo from his poor background? That is where he started organizing some seminars and conferences for local governments, state governments, and permanent secretaries and made lots of money selling his knowledge to attendees. After graduation, he did not look for a white collar job.

I remember that time in 2012 that one married woman who owned her pharmacy supermarket told public readers in interview that she made money from health consulting business more than her own pharmacy business.

But yet she made more profit in both because she used medicinal and or herbal drugs and supplements to sell women on health in her organization. She was a real pharmacist, but yet she was a facilitator. Good example and you too can if you know what to do.

Many people, the graduate and the non-graduate, have good talents, good knowledge or education, training or interest, but they do not make it because they fail to transform it into a thriving consultancy business. What waste time!

I think I do not share my experiences to you because I was not a real consultant. But I would like to share with you by providing you some rich tips that may help how you can get into the consultancy industry and grow successful in this opportunity. Enjoy this lesson. Do you want to learn how to earn money as a business consultant? Do you want to know how to become a business consultant? Here is what I proffer you free of charge. Enjoy this article now:

        4 Things To Know Before You Can Set Up A Consulting Business

Number 1: The first thing to know before becoming a business consultant is that you must broaden your horizons. You must know more about than you are. You must be someone who can provide solutions to clienteles. You must be someone who can be voracious in reading or someone who can book worms in his or her mouth every day even they are satisfied with his or her stomach.

Number 2: Even if you proffer solutions to your clients’ problems in your organizations or seminars, some of the clienteles still need you for more guidelines and they do not want to make mistakes. They still want you to help them out. So you must be someone who can be their mentor. You must be someone who can stay with them through out.

Number 3: Before you can become a business consultant, you must be someone who can think on his or her feet.

Number 4: Until you know how to communicate with people effectively, you can not become a successful business consultant. If you want to prosper in consulting business, you must know how to communicate with people well because your communication is your marketing skills.

There is differential between what you see and what the customer or client see at the other end. A client can consult you or ask your advice or your opinion because you can see what he or she doesn’t see or because he or she has confidence that you know a lot more about course or business, etc in your chosen field than him or her, and that is why they come to you for help.

So you must be someone who can be ready to help them out as a consultant. And if they find out that you are good at consultancy, they can hire you as their consultants at high paid fine.

                  Do I Need Training To Become A Contract Consultant?

I say both yes and no. The first thing I can say yes is if you want to communicate with politicians, state government, professors, banking employees, industrialists, engineers, etc in your conference or in your organizations at higher charge for consulting.

The second thing I can say no is if you want to communicate with your religious members, your neighbors, friends, your mates, your public readers in your organizations.

You can become a management consultant if you attend other seminars on any opportunities like real estate, stock market, commodities, export and import, online business, before because you acquire knowledge from other facilitators, consultants as I did it before.

But what makes people miss is three things you need to know now. The three major things are Skills, Knowledge and Attitude. Your skills are what you develop through practice you learnt there, or you base on what talent you have or what you acquired talent from somebody else.

The second is that your knowledge is what you read any subject or any book in your chosen field daily or attend different seminars or conferences on your chosen subject or investment opportunities sometimes daily. That is what my eighth sister did it because she acquired knowledge in ministry drama from Bible College.

The last is that your attitude is what you desire to or ready to help clients or attendees out because one day some clients will still run to you for help if they find they run into a curved ball.

             What Are Challenges Confronting Consulting Business In Nigeria?

The bigger challenge we ever know is packaging and communication skills. Sales letter means communication skills. If you don’t know how to communicate with people on your sales letter well, you can not attract them into buying your package on your organization. If you communicate poorly, you can not attract cash flowing into your pocket daily.

The second challenge confronting consulting business is lack of properly package most Nigerian people ever encounter now. They are not giving to rigorous analysis well. That is where they end up being impressed by which I called externalities.

What I know well is how many Nigerian business consultants focus on packaging rather than content. They are interested, not in content, but in packaging. To succeed in consultancy business, they pay more attention to the packaging that will attract clients.

So if you want to earn more than that money daily and monthly as a business consultant, you must work on properly packaging your consulting business in order to attract your attendees or clients, especially the top paying ones, and you must also know how to work on making your content rich. Some top business consultants know to how to rank their packaging more than their contents and sometime they always consult or patronize packaging rather than they know or value the content.

             How to Create A Successful Consulting Business In 2019

To earn N64,000 a day or make not less than N 3 million as a business consultant, the following tips that will help you start investing in that consulting business.

Tip 1: You must have developed your analytical skills because it helps you solve problems in any company they ask you for help. To become a good analyst, try chess or puzzles because chess has more analysis than any draft because it is almost relative to any company.

Tip 2: You must develop your ability to see trends, to see concepts, to see things happening. You must understand the surface below the surface, the ripples and the loopholes because they are not always obvious.

Tip 3: You must understand how Pareto Law works and apply it in your business. Use 80/20 Law to make yourself rich. You can get 80% of your effort if you can proffer your 20% sales to customers or clients because an enormous percentage of results are caused by 20% and so choose 20% that can get you where you want to get what you want.

Tip 4: You must do something you enjoy most because it helps you walk into any company you are hired to help them out.

Learning how to start a consulting business is easy if you know what you do or if you know what you can do it. Attending training in your chosen field, reading books expansively in any subject you choose could get you start a consultancy business. Transform your hobby, your talents, interest, training, educational, professional, etc into a successful consultancy business.

Learning how to start a consulting business in Nigeria is the most goldmine business we ever know. But if you like this lesson, please get our weekly subscription in our email box below by entering your email address for newsletter on business, investment, business ideas, financial improvement, debt relief, etc. No spam allowed in our comment box below please. Respect yourself please.

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