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Use Effective Strategies To Market A Product In The Marketplace

Growing bigger is only through small business marketing
How To Market A Product
The first thing you can do is to learn how to market your small business. Marketing your small business means communicating your audiences about your new product or business. If you do not know how to communicate your skills on business marketing, you can not make sales well. If you want to start small and grow bigger business well, you must know how to promote your business or how to market your product well. 

Learning how to market your new small business is the most important thing in your life if you want to succeed in your business. It is not enough that you want to start a profitable business because you saw somebody does, or because you saw how hot it is or because you have money you want to invest in. 

No. You must know about marketing business techniques or marketing business strategies before you can start small business even you have little capital or zero capital. I think I may or may not try to show you about different ways to market your business. However, many business people build a billionaire empire through learning about small business marketing strategies or about adverting tips. They understand about small business marketing techniques further than you ever think. 

The difference is: How To Market Your Business and How To Start Your Business. Most people might know about starting a business,but for marketing their small business, I don't think they can sell well because they lack marketing strategies, marketing techniques or business marketing ideas.  

Now, for about business marketing ideas, I may show you about how to market your product locally. Here is what you learn about marketing tips that will help you market your business well. 

                                        What Is Marketing? 

Marketing is the process of selling or promoting, distributing, getting order from customers for a product and or service in exchanged money everyday. If you understand this word, "Marketing" and you apply it, you will make your cash flow well. If you want to sell your product or service, you need to know how to communicate people there in the market well. I mean you need to learn how to market there well. Sales is what you do in person, one one one. Marketing is sales done via system.

Many people thought this marketing is acting as selling and advertising. That is why we are bombarded with sales calls, internet ads, television commercials daily, newspaper ads, fliers, etc daily.

But in my truth, it is not that. Marketing is the process by which small or great companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationship in order to capture value for customers and consumers in return. it means you should meet customers'needs and satisfy their thirst or hunger. marketing is different from selling most business owners think.

Marketing is everything you need to find out who your customers, where they are and what they need and want and then satisfy those needs and wants with your finished products and or service in your marketing strategies while you enjoy making profit daily. 

As my experience, five factors about marketing you need to know before you begin marketing in your chosen business. 

 No 1: You must listen to your customers first as you approach with your products or service. And it will help you find out why they do not like about price, product, package or service.

No 2: Only sell good products that no competitors can fill the gap. And also provide good services.

No 3: Give customers adequate attention. 

No. 4: Selling at prices that customers can pay for products or services.

No. 5: Only attract customers into buying your products or service. That is what marketing really means.

                              How To Market Your Business Locally

Market place: If you want to market a new product, you need to look for a place where you can meet traders there or where people meet there for trading and offer them your new products as a test on your adverting. It is simple. 

Try to know or find where market place is popular and go there. Marketplace is an open place where markets or public sales are held there. Are you a producer or manufacturer, small-scale business owner? What type of product or service do you want to sell? Go there with your product or service.

Market Research: As soon as you get there in the market, try to collect feedback from traders, customers or consumers on price and product and study why they buy and what price they want for that. or what product or service they walk back from. And it will help you improve your product or service. 

If you want to know more about marketing techniques, I recommend you to get a good book on Principles Of Selling and you will learn from it more than I can explain to you here.

Market Price: If you want people help you to sell your products or service daily that can make you daily in their retailing or wholesaling businesses and even protect your products from pirates, you should give them good products at good discounts that make them happy.

Many people want to start a business, but remember starting a business in Nigeria can make or mar your business success. so here helps you avoid where they make mistakes. 
                           The Worst Local States In Nigeria To Start A Business

                                                      Lack Of Passion

The worst local states many small businesses start marketing small is lack-passion. They go into small business with no passion. If you want to start a business in any local state to market your product or service, you must have passion. You must develop your own passion before you can start small and build bigger.

Even if you have the capital, you must have passion about business marketing you want to start in the local state. Don’t go into a business unless you have good passion or enthusiasm because it is not easy. You must have enthusiasm before you can overcome fears of failure and make your way to business success as a local or international marketer.

You can compete with business giants in the local/international market because of spiritual passion you have. Passion helps you energize. It helps you focus on. It helps you overcome sharks of threats or fears of failure. It helps you drive till you find what you are looking for. And it helps you start without even capital.

According to Bayo Ogunmupe, the Guardian Columnist On The Path Of Winners I read in the local paper some times ago, “The key to a successful life is in knowing who you are ( your talent ), and what you are supposed to do ( your destiny). Without these, you are like an octopus on roller skates, lots of movement but no real direction”. 

That is why many Nigerian people go to Nairaland and Quora and ask what kind of business can I start with N20,000, N50, 000, N500,000, etc. Whether you like it or not, I dare you that no matter how much you have, you will never have good success till you walk in passion. Passion is what keeps a business or idea going. 

Choose yourself what type of business or idea you want to start. Stop canvassing people on business you want to start with N20,000, N500,000. Etc. It is better to start passionately and fail than to start passively and succeed in business.

                                                Hireling Employee Service 

The worst local states I ever see in small business owners are lack of talented employee service or hiring wrong people. Many small business owners employ people anyhow. They employ those who pass out secondary school.

They employ their friends or relatives or advanced-age child (ren). What poor men they are! If you want to grow your business and sustain your business, you must employ those who graduate from their higher school. You must employ those who are outside of your relatives, friends and or your child (ren).

Choose those who are smarter than you and employ them. Learn how to treat your employees well. Pay them well. Train them well because they are the ones who can help you build wealth for you. Create a good team. Don’t be bossy to them, otherwise they don’t like it or will leave a job any time.

Choose those who can be nice, polite, extra-mile, assistant and smiling and employ them because they can help you to build more customers and keep them for you through their character. Choose who can be smiling and train them to sell well. Please notice a good book on Principles Of Sell and it is for your success. If you want it, chat with me on whatsapp and i will help you with it.

                                                         Big Start

The worst local states of the business owners are big start. Most business owners want to start big. They don’t want to be embarrassed or mocked if they start small or they are asked to start small. They want to flaunt how rich they are by starting big. Punchng was quoted to say in motto, “Big Naira Begins With Small Kobo”

The Lord rejoices to see those who start small and grow bigger. If you want to grow bigger, start small and see how it works. Having small start in a local state helps you to test how it works and why it does not work. 

Many businesses that start big or borrow money to start big are no longer stand. Some other businesses that start small or no capital yet stand longer. If you want to grow yourself as a businessman or businesswoman, you must start as a business baby or business cradle.

You may ask yourself or argue yourself that you see that some businesses starting big yet grow bigger. Remember that they have long experiences. They see what you do not see. And they know what you do not know.

They understand the natural fundamentals of business that you do not understand it. They were taught or trained to trade by their grandmother, their mother or any person they found themselves under their tutelage, that you may not. Aliko Dangote becomes a bigger industrialist because he himself was a trading hawker.

Mike Adenuge becomes a Glo business man because he himself was a taxi driver. Princess Toyin Kolade became a millionaire before she was 21 years because she herself was a small trader during her higher institution.

She bought and sold female stuffs during her school. See her success story on How I Made My N1million Before I Was 21 Years Old—Princess Toyin Kolade in the local newspaper online. They all know the street because they learn it longer that you may not learn. Stop big start. Learn to start small in order to grow successful. If you have bigger capital, start small, unless you are more experienced.


What are the worst local states that bog your small business growth down? It is the location that you site your business. The reason many small businesses fail their businesses is the wrong location they site their businesses. May be they site their businesses in the location anyhow or they just locate their business in order to think that customers will come to them for product or service.

It does not work that way. If you want small business to grow bigger, you must look to locate the site that will fit customers’ needs. Have you not see many businesses such as banking, petroleum products marketing, private owned educational institutions, eatery businesses, stationery businesses, phone-accessories businesses, etc that locate near or at the zebra or the traffic junction any where at Dugbe, Mokola, Ring road, etc?

Good! You know what I mean. They know how important the location is. They don’t joke when it come to the location. They want to choose any right location that will enhance their eventual business. That is why they observe the location carefully before they site their business successfully. 

Why do you think some small or mid-sized stationery businesses, photocopy businesses, and computer-service businesses site their businesses at the busy junction? They site their business in the location because they see banking services that need their services and post office business that customers need for service. Even if you have good business and you try a wrong place for your business in the right location, you will experience failure later.


For about small business marketing ideas to start business, many business owners do not make it because they lack marketing techniques. They don't have time to learn about different ways to market their small business. That is they lost money much. 

Many small businesses do not make it or do not start well because of what they make wrong as I just mentioned to you above. I can’t explain to you more than this lesson. There are many more than I can share with you this lesson. It is important because you need to learn more about before you can go into venture. I hope you enjoy this lesson? Do you have any comment you want to share with here or any question you want to answer? You are welcome to comment in this comment box.

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