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The Easiest Way To Make Profits Investing Your Money In The Jungle Market

to grow your wealth through investing money in the market
How To Invest Your Money Wisely In Nigeria ? 
To grow your money multiply is to learn how to invest your money. Let your money work for you while you sleep by investing money in the market. Investing money in the market is by further better than depositing money in the saving account. Is it not? Good!

According to the wise man, bulls make money. Bears make money. But pigs get slaughtered in the market. By this, I mean that bulls are those people who know that share price will go up and so they buy it. And bears are those investors who know that share price will come down or crash and so they sell it or wait before buying it.

But slaughtered pigs are those investors who refuse to sell because they want more capital appreciation or wait for dividends. The Stock Market is like a casino you must know how to play games well. You must know how to exist and exit of the market because you will not see your money again once you invest in the stock market. It is risky and your money vanishes or disappears into the air once you invest in.

The stock market is different from the saving market because it is like a gamble. Its risk is higher than that saving account. The stock market is not for those who throw money in and hope for a win. It is only for those who can play well and it is for those who know how to be in and out. This market is filled with tons of highly sophisticated investors and professional speculators.

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They know what to buy and what not to buy. And they know what to sell and what not to sell. They know how to play cards well so further than you. They understand investor psychology, government policies, etc so further than you in the market. They know gambles in the stock market more than you.

They are ready to get you slaughtered in their hands unless care is not taken. Therefore, you need to understand the basics of the stock market before you enter the world of the stock market in competition. You can not beat the market because it is not predictable. How do you invest your money successfully? How can you escape being burnt your fingers in the stock market? What steps can you take to become a good investor? Here is what you go to learn this lesson today.

       How To Invest Your Money Without Being Slain In The Stock Market

Step 1: Financial Education

To avoid being slaughtered is to start with education. If you want excessive cash, you must start with financial literacy and then experience how it works. You must learn about the basics of the stock markets and understand the characteristics of the companies you want to invest for double or triple. You must attend any seminar of your choice on stock market. Do it some times or more than that one.

Step 2: Studying Companies’ characteristics In Sectors

What doubles or triples your money investment is to study companies’ different characteristics in different sub-sectors in the stock market. Know their services and products before you invest money successfully.

Know about banking sub-sectors, food/beverage sub-sectors, oil/gas sectors, breweries sub-sectors, conglomerate sub-sectors, etc before you put your money to work for you while you sleep. Until you understand their typical features or qualities, don’t hurry.

Step 3: Choosing A Stockbroking Company 

To buy and sell stocks to make money is to start with any stockbroker of your choice. You can not buy and sell stocks to make millions without a stockbroker. A stockbroker is only the one that can do for you in the stock exchange on their commission. They will obey your mandate on buy and sell.

They can not do it without your mandate. You must register any stockbroking company of your choice. Ensure that you research stockbroking companies well by asking old investors about them or ask a facilitator about it. Choose popular stockbroking companies online and register with any of them that fit your purpose.

Step 4: Monitoring Your Portfolio Investments

To monitor your portfolio investments is to subscribe to the stockbroker’s newsletter on alert or stock market report. And it will help you to know what to buy or sell or know about companies’ financial report.

Ensure that you have laptop at home or have smart phone with you. Or buy special local newspaper like ThisDay, Vanguard, etc so that you can read to know about companies’ weak or strong fiscal report, or new polices or government policies, etc. It will help you to invest money or not.

Step 5: Execute Your Investment Strategy

Even if you invest money with a stockbroker, you can not make money without executing your investment strategy. You must execute your investment strategy. It is important because most astute investors make millions of naira through this strategy. Decide what type of investment you want to execute. Plan your investment goals. Then create your investment strategy and invest in the stock market for future harvest.

Step 6: Use Investing Tools For Research

To pick stocks to buy to make money in the bullish or bearish stock market is to use any investing tools of your choice to research them well. Don’t allow any stockbroker or investor or facilitator to pick hot stocks for you. Do it for yourself. Choose any stock by faith or according to your research and invest for the hope of harvest.

Step 7: Play Games Wisely Or Smartly.

Since the stock market is a trends casino, and you will gain or lose the velocity of your money, learn how to move your money in and out of different asset classes rather than diversifying in one asset. Don’t rely on companies in only one sector.

I want you to read Robert Kiyosaki’s book title Rich Dad, Poor Dad and you will understand what I mean. Learn to master the games of money in the stock market. If you want to learn how to invest your money into business ownership, I recommend you to check it out on 
How To Invest Money For Beginners—The Balance.


To get rich and build your wealth is only through investment strategies, investing tools and financial education or literacy. Without these, and you try your hand on the stock exchange, you will get your fingers burnt.

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Even if you have financial knowledge and you do not use investment strategies and investment tools to execute your work, you will not be able to create excessive cash in less than 2 or 3 years. If you like this lesson and you want to learn more about lessons on investments, etc, subscribe to our newsletter at the right sidebar.

Happy investor!

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