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How To Invest Money In Stock Market Leadership For New Rookies

To become wealthy by investing money
How To Invest Money In Stocks 
You are welcome to this blog, investment for business, to learn how to invest money. Learning how to invest money for beginners to grow your money exponentially could be a big challenge. Many investors lost their lives when they saw their hard earned money investing in stocks depreciating in share prices daily with no sign of recovery in the hand of the Local or International Stock Market.

Some other investors angrily sell shares of the market giants in order to bank with their saving accounts when they find the market giants’ share prices do not go up however their sound fundamentals are.

Some other investors swear or promise never to do anything with our dear stock market because they find it still depreciates in appreciation for some times ago. And rookie investors sold all their holdings in order to keep an arm’s length from the stock market because they heard what happens or because of misinformation they receive from some people.

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But you must understand that this market is risky and you must lose something in order to get something even double. Don’t run away from the risk of the market because it is the best form to give you great return on investment this year or in the future. Those who were patient with this downfall market are fortunate. Remember this market is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Those who try to sell because they fear what they hear greatly miss opportunity later or who are afraid to participate in this market because of what they hear about what happen also miss or regret later.

The question is how can you play the market? How can you win the market? What can I separate stock grains from stock chaffs? Or what traits do stocks possess? Here are a few tips that will help you to play in order to win the market. There are two subtitles I would like to share with you this lesson.

                    Four Traits Of The Quoted/Unquoted Companies

Four traits that will help you decide whether you invest in profitably or not. And no matter what or no matter what the global economy is, four traits will protect you from losing your hard earned money in the stock market. The following traits that will help you separate stock grains from another stock chaffs are here:

Product Legs: Look for companies that have products or service people want year after year for life and invest money in that for future appreciation or dividends if they sell under their value. Will anyone want his product or service tomorrow? Then invest in.

Deep Moat: Look for companies that have such a deep moat and invest money in because those strong competitive advantages ( or superior companies) who have more than one product like Pepsi or Coca Cola, Nestle, etc make it difficult for competitors to come in and carve away a portion of their market share or grab their market share.

No any other competitor can take their place because they have a moat that can protect them from their competitors. Don’t invest in moat companies if their market share is so expensive unless you want annual dividends or unless share price come down.

Market Leaders: Look for market leaders that can set the agenda for their industries. Don’t invest in those complacent market giants that grow fat and slow in their leadership roles. Remember Union Bank plc? They became a gigantic giant, but they found themselves in the merger oblivion. People called them the sleeping giant.

Profit Margin On Safety: Check companies’ profit margin by comparing their stock price with their true value. If a company’s share price is lower than her true value, then it is a good buy. But if share price is higher than true value, don’t buy even they are a giant. The higher the PMOS ratio is, the better the company is because increasing the ratio increases sales which indicates how stronger the company is.

                         How To Win The Market For Beginners

Here are a few tips that will help you to play and win the market. There are four factors I would like to share with you this lesson.

Why You Need Investment Mentors: Because without investment mentors’ guidance, you may lose money to smarter investors in the market. You need investment mentors’ guidance. They are more experienced than you because they are au fait with the Stock Market.

Until you consult them on investment, don’t make any delicate investment decision. Do your own diligent or your own research before you go to them for a right guidance. Choosing any investment mentors ensures that they are savvy investors, otherwise they will lead you astray in the market.

You Need To Attend Investment Seminars: It is not enough that you attend a seminar once. You need to attend more than that one seminar on stocks. You need to keep yourself up to date and also tap from the intellectual resources of savvy stock analysts by attending seminars as many as possible.

When you talk about the stock market, then you must check authorities and also brand names in their investment field and then hang around them by attending their seminars regularly because they are the one that will reveal their secrets to you they do not want public readers to be seen in print.

Develop Your Knowledge Base: Be unquenchably thirsty for updating your knowledge base. Ensure you have a clique of those pals who share the same interest with you in investment. You need to be resourceful so that you can know the current happenings on every investment field of your investment.

Buy books of those investment authorities and study them religiously because the stock market has no respect for any investor even they have millions unless they develop their own knowledge more about her. Don’t leave everything to people’s opinions. No. you must get down to studying them. If you do it, you will improve your stock knowledge better.

Read Stock Publications Regularly: There are several stock publications and stock pages of national dailies such as Punch Nigerian, ThisDay, BusinessDay, Vanguard, Stockng magazine, etc stock experts give out their best there in print daily. So you need to get hold of every day, week and month in them. Or you can subscribe to your stock broker’s newsletters because it should be your delight if you have a laptop or Smartphone. The more you read them, the more you know and the more relevant you are to the Stock Market.


Follow these tips above religiously I share with you now this lesson because your success in the Stock Investment terrain this year will extremely depend on them. Knowledge (Know-lead-edge) is the most important arsenal you need to conquer the stock Market.

If you want to conquer the stock market, you need knowledge about her first. Even if you lose money in the stock market, you will recover your losses later. Forget other things, so long as you are consistent with these tips, you may never go wrong in your investment decisions and you will smile back to your bank because you have won victory.

Happy Investor!

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