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How To Trade On The Net Without Losing Money To A Broker

make money trading foreign on the net
Forex Trading 
As I read the views of pastor Bunmi Ajala, an IT professional, who was the CEO of computer and Allied Service limited, on interview about forex trading in the old paper, I decide to share with you how he made money trading on the net and what skills he used to trade forex on the net. Enjoy this lesson.

                             Develop Our Youths’ Mind On The Net 

If you look around our youths in the country, you will see most of them are trying to benefit from the internet revolution, but it is not fortunate because many of them are going about it the wrong way. They are going through the 419 way by sending scam mails and coming up with all sorts of things.

That is why USA, London and some other developed countries don’t want to operate with our country on international stock market, trading, payment transfer, affiliate, survey, referral, investment, bank investment, etc. It will hurt our identity. They entitled us 419er, even if you do honest because they know you are a Nigerian, unless you are outside our country; it is how difficult our youths are!. 

So we need to train them on the net; but if you can teach people that there are better ways, honest, responsible, more resourceful ways of using the same ingenuity, the same resources, capacity and zeal to make money, then I believe that they are better off, and the nation will be the better for it, not so?

                   How Do I Make dollars Trading Forex On The Net?

Some of people may not want to hear the Five words, FOREX because they experienced how they lost a lot of money to forex brokers. But if you are led to the acquisition of a series of skills on how to trade foreign exchange on the internet by some top trainers like Bunmi Ajala, etc, then you can earn dollars in the legitimate use of the internet.

It is simply. Any person who wants to make money online trading forex must acquire skills from some top trainers or real professional traders who did it before first. Let me summarize you on trading guides:

The first step into wealth creation is to begin with training that can be as long as three days or more for a start. Training will be following demo trading and using virtual money. This phase is designed as a hedge against risk for the baby internet traders. You see this business is like any other, full of risks and opportunities. So you need to continually learn the ropes, otherwise you become more susceptible to the risk, because you are yet to cross the Rubicon and become a pro.

The second step is to open a trading account with internet-based brokers. Once you gain enough confidence as a beginning trader and are weaned by your mentor, then you can begin light trading, and eventually graduate to professional trading and earn comfortable income in dollars terms on the net. And whoever has acquired the skill of fishing has gotten fish to eat for life, according to China proverbs.

It is something that is knowledge; it is not about getting rich quick scheme (most greedy youths want to invest in, only to find themselves burned fingers). According to Pastor Bunmi Ajala,” I am not going to give you money, I am going to give you the skills, and you have to develop them”.

                     How Much Can I Use To Start Trading Online?

As a beginner, you need a trading platform. The local platform you can begin on is the Online Forex Trading Association of Nigeria. There are many of these trading platforms on the net. For you as a trader, you can start off with $500 to $1000 or up to $5000. Don’t let this start-up capital scare you from starting trading.

Buying and selling dollars on the net is a round-the-clock, 24-hour business. This business does not require expensive office accommodation. It is just like working from home computer because trading can take place in one’s home. What it requires is the skill of the trade.

However, this is business you can carry around in your hip pocket, yet it could be business worth millions. Those who had attended the training testified they had gained from it and were ready to start trading as soon as they had acquired enough skills to get by.

                                              Slow But steady

No matter how difficultly you may face through business disappointment, forex losses, internet fraud, etc, only soldier on and trust the Lord your God for the better days. Stop complaining about that. What turns you out is the proof of the saying that tough days don’t last but tough guys do.

What has kept you going and earns you success in this business or any other business of your choice is the belief that wealth comes only in little drops, not in cascades. So when you work hard to add to your money little by little, then you will be able to create your business big that you have gotten. This is old-fashion way with wealth, which the young generation of our countrymen does not have patience with.

Most rich people built their fortunes through slow but steady accretions, through the painful process of saving, investment, dedicated management of the investment and focus. Instant wealth is a mirage. Those who chase it such as HYP, peer-to-peer donations, etc must be living on cloud nine. 

Anybody who desires wealth should be down to earth and follow the steps and read about people who are great. These are the practical steps I want you to take in creating wealth for yourself and your family in this digital world: “The first step is to be computer literate, then followed by internet literacy. The third step is to learn how to use the internet in a responsible way.

If you know how to use the internet to connect people on business, ecommerce, information marketing, trading, writing freelance, payment transfer,etc, then you can make it. The Internet education you learn through eBooks or through seminars will build you up.

Nobody can achieve what they are not willing to pay for. Exceptional living is the product of the price one is willing to pay. Don’t hope free ebook or information from experts. Don’t take sharp practice.

Don’t try short cut, otherwise it may send you to the grave or the jail. I hope you benefit from this lesson? Remember the writing of this lesson you are reading now is additional more than what I read views from pastor Bunmi Ajala in the paper.

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