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How To Transship Packaged Edible Foods Abroad From Nigeria

Getting great wealth from local foodstuffs is to transship packages to other countries
How To Export Foodstuffs From Nigeria To USA
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                  Why Do People Go Into Foodstuff Export Business

The reason why people go into foodstuff export business to make income for themselves is because there is a high demand of our local foodstuffs based by Africans residing abroad. You know what? Many more Africans reside abroad there. The more Africans reside abroad there, the more they demand African foodstuffs. That is where we go into exporting foodstuff venture. Some non-Africans— most Pakistanis in London—are selling African foodstuffs. Some Nigerians aboard like London, USA, Dubai, etc are starting their foodstuff business.

         What kinds Of Hot-Demand Local Foodstuffs Abroad Are?

Kinds of edible foods people abroad demand are here as:

1. Melon (egusi).

2. Long-grain or short-grain Rice.

3. Yam flour (elubo).

4. Palm oil.

5. Ogbono.

6. African crayfish or crayfish powder.

7. Garri export

8. Pap (ogi)—this must be dried in process.

9. Cashew seeds or cashew nuts.

10. Gall store—this is hot cake.

And there are many numerous foodstuffs I can not name here. Check there at

            What Can Local Foodstuffs Be Allowed To Transship? 

There is nothing edible foods that cannot be exported or transshipped. You can take foodstuffs to Dubai, Australia, Canada, USA, London, etc according to what people abroad demand. But not all countries can accept our exported foodstuffs. Some countries accept transshipped foodstuffs while others do not.

Why? Because some of them don’t want to do anything with smell or anything that they know it may cause bird flu issues or that they know it may be replanted in their countries while others accept it. For instance, you know that most Nigerians now reside in USA. They love yam and fresh vegetable according to their traditions. They want to buy it from exporters. But USA does not allow it. They have their own law that you should not transship anything that can be replanted there.

Roles Of Regulatory Agencies: 

It indicates that bodies have a role of rules in their services. Each regulatory body (NAFDAC, SON, Police, Customs, etc) has representatives present. They will check your sample packaged foodstuff items for export before they approve it for consumption according to their rules and regulations.

You will pay each of them. When you pay them, they will issue you a receipt which indicates that you have passed their tests in your sample packaged food items. Any sample food item that does not meet their requirements will be seized. So you must meet their requirements in your food items for export.

What Capital Can I Start Foodstuff Business As An Exporter?

May be you ask in your mind a question how much or what capital we need to start in transshipped-foodstuff business. Let me tell you the truth that there is no small or big amount to start export business. May be you can start with about N100, 000.

That is covered the buying of foodstuffs, packaging, seal machine, grinder, dyer, necessary payment, cargo service, etc. Even if you have N40, 000 or N50, 000, you can start with it. You can start with foodstuff products, depending on overseas buyers’ requirements. Before starting small or big, you must plan financially well. You must have business plan well.

     How Often Do I Transship My Packaged Foodstuff Products To Country?

May be it takes 24 to 84 hours to get there, depending on shipments or airlines. If you want to send fresh vegetables to UK, make sure it does not get odor in two days or more than two days. If you want to send vegetables, you must have dryers to dry it so as to avoid getting odor.

                How Do I Get Paid In Dollar Promptly Here In Nigeria? 

There are many methods of international payment you can use to get paid in dollar here in Nigeria. Different methods of payment are agreeably chosen by between you, an exporter and international buyers. Methods of payment are such as Free on Board( FOB); Letters of Credit(LC); Cash In Freight(CIF); Cash In Advance(CIA), etc. For more information on those meanings in list, see your ebook. If you want more proper guidance on your success business, see your ebook by paying N3500 for it.

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