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10-Wiseman Steps In Financial Planning For Career Moms

To get retirement as a career woman is to plan financially well
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In this article, I would like to share with you about financial planning career on women. Every woman must know how important it is to plan for the future because it will be suicidal for a career woman to leave her retirement planning to her husband who is likely to leave her behind.

Retirement planning is not a gender neutral; career women who are either employees or entrepreneurs must approach retirement with different goals rather than men.

Majority of career moms in our society today are faced with a lots of societal and peer pressure demands in terms of fashion and jewelry, though this does not still stop them from prudential handling of their incomes.

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More women are engaged as career persons, it is noteworthy to state here that financial or retirement planning should be paramount for their sustainability outside paid employment.

Research by some financial planners in Nigeria has also revealed that if the total amount spent by an average Nigerian woman on fashion, make-up and hairdo, is summed up, it could build a retirement portfolio for some of them. Here are 10-financial planning strategies you can apply for your retirement as a career woman.

                 10- Wise-man Retirement Strategies For Career Moms

1. Set An Achievement Plan: You must have a very simple goal and not clumsy where you are able to see your horizon every time.

2. Re-plan Your Career: This means that you should have a second thought on what you can do to get a job or on what to do that will give you an opportunity to create your own wealth when you are out of paid employment. Go out and look around employment opportunities that will allow for flexibility because you will have to fulfill both obligation as a career woman and a reliable mother.

3. Get Insurance Or Buy Annuity: It will be a total disservice to yourself if you are not insured. Try as much as possible to buy an insurance policy that will be able to take care of your old age like the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) or any other health trust. Remember women are exposed to vagaries of old age sickness than men.

4. Invest In Stock Market: The capital market investment is the most dependable retirement options. The earlier you get hooked, the better. Invest your funds in sub-sectors where returns are assured.

5. Join Any Investment Club Of Your Choice: Join any investment club where you can learn more about your personal finances, about stock market opportunities and real estate opportunities that will rain your pocket in full daily rather than social club that will drain your pocket. 

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6. Restructure Your Portfolio Investments: Even if you have an already existing retirement portfolio in your investments, try to think what you can do to restructure it so that it can suit your purpose.

7. Get A New Partner: If you have own entrepreneurship like running your own law firm or school or a small business concern like a saloon, etc that you want to give out a percentage share of the company as a business co-owner while you plan to retire, try to find a new partner that will inject new blood into your project.

8. Try To Learn A New Trade: Robert Kiyoskai retired rich at 40s from work, yet he played a game in his life on real estate, stock investment organization for his attendees, reading, writing work for book publication as if he has fun while his loneliness. It is a good idea. Try to learn a new trade where you can fetch an everlasting income like being computer literate, learning about healthcare, interior decor, etc.

9. Get A Financial Coach: To improve your financial knowledge so well, look to get some one to put you through in life daily. It could be books, tapes, seminars, etc and it is your mentors or financial coach.

10. Get A Permanent Residence: To live without your partner and you want to solve your housing problem, you can get a Personal Permanent Residence (PPR) that will take the pressure of paying rent off your children.


I suggest you to learn about opportunity of financial planning career for future security, but you choose that fits you. I am not a real financial coach, but I am most reader on personal finances, investment, etc because I am an investor. Share this article with your friends on social media and this article is worth reading.

Happy career women!

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