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Cassava Farming: How To Make Huge Profit Daily Trading Commercially In Nigeria

making it big daily is to invest in commercial cassava farming in ngeria

Back home in Africa, Nigeria is the world’s largest producer of cassava farming with about 19 percent of the world output. There are major areas of interest in the cassava farming business each of which is a genuine commercial product. People can not do without cassava or products that come from cassava processing. They need cassava for raw materials, livestock feeds, etc. Cassava farming is important for industries and human consumption.

Cassava is one of the most common crops grown and consumed in many parts of West Africa. Golden Penny Flour, Dangote Flour, HoneyWell Flour, etc make billions of naira in a year daily through cassava farming. They are now listened on the stock exchange.

I know this cassava farming business is the best lucrative business we ever know. My eldest sister makes money every day through her fufu business she fermented, cooked and sold at her home for life. What awe! Let me make a list for you to learn how you can benefit from this opportunity.

                                        What Is Cassava Farming?

Cassava farming (Manihot, esculenta), known as yucca or manioc, is a woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceous (spurge family) native to South America, that is extensively cultivated as an annual crop in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible starchy tuberous root, a major source of carbohydrates. The flour made of the roots is called tapioca. This statement is adapted from Success Digest Extra newspaper.

                            Two Varieties Of The Cassava: Bitter Or Sweet

Cassava is the third largest source of carbohydrates for human food in the world. It is classified as “Sweet” or “Bitter”, depending on the level of toxic cyanogenic gluccoides; improper preparation of bitter cassava causes a disease called Konzo. Nevertheless, farmers often prefer the bitter varieties because they deter pests, animals and thieves.

Is cassava farming profitable?

Yes because it is a real commercial product. You can make it big daily through garri product you produce and sell or buy and sell, starch product you produce and sell or stems you cut and sell in bulk, etc. It is really hot. You can set up a small-scale or big-scale industry, (depending on your financial capacity) that will go into production of flour, cassava rice, etc.

                   7 Smart Ways to Make It Big In Cassava Farming Business

1. Cassava Flour Opportunity: You can create wealth in your business daily using cassava flour for confectioneries such as baking bread, chin-chin, meat pie, cake, biscuits, salad cream, noodles, ice-cream, sausage rolls, youghurt, tapioca, etc. Or you can become a processor for confectioners and make millions monthly daily if you have financial ability with rich experiences, good skills in marketing and good team like Dangote, Honeywell, etc.

2. Cassava Fermenting Opportunity: For this opportunity, you can set up a small-scale industry that will go into the production of either fufu, garri, cassavitta, and even or cassava rice on your choice and then sell it in package to consumers daily and you will make it big daily if you have good skill in taste.

3. Cassava Stems Opportunity: With this opportunity, you can make millions by cutting and supplying stems to farmers across country or outside this country as an exporter. For example, Akwa Ibom in Nigeria bought 36 load trailers of cassava stems worth N88 million from Ibadan and later sell it to her neighboring states. What excitement!

4. Cassava Livestock Feed Opportunity: Most poultry business owners use cassava chips to livestock feed pig, goat, fish, chickens, etc. Cassava can be used to produce poultry mash, pig rations, fish, goat or cattle feed. Dried cassava chips in package can also be exported to some developed countries such as china, USA, etc because demand for it is highly increasingly daily. If you can set up a livestock industry as a grated processor, you can make it big daily supplying livestock packages to poultry distributors or poultry business owners. You can buy livestock in bulk and sell it as a major distributor or retailer.

5. Cassava Raw Material Opportunity: Cassava can also be used as raw material to industries in production of beer and beverage industry, in making pills and drugs, glue and adhesive paints, soap, cement, insecticides, oil drilling starch, toothpaste, newsprint. You can make money through this opportunity.

6. Cassava Starch Opportunity: There is always a commercial use for every plant of this crop. Cassava is very high in starch content and very low in protein. Cassava starch is most important product derived from cassava. Starch can be used as a raw material for others. It can serve as raw material for Textile, paper, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

7. Cassava Cultivation Opportunity: Cassava is the easiest to cultivate. What you do is to acquire a piece of land, weed it using manual laborers at minimum cost and then you plant and maintain your farm. After eight to nine months, you harvest your product and sell it or produce and sell it.


If you want to go into commercial cassava farming venture, you must have good financial planning and staff management skills. You must have any good agribusiness consultant that will help you with product development and market research. And financial management training schools will be of a good assistance to your success.

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