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How To Make N 20, 000 Daily Operating A Modern Car Wash Business

make your money back in no time through a car wash business in nigeria
How To Start A Car Wash Business

What makes you money every day even economic recession is doing a hand car wash business. You can make N10,000 to N20,000 daily starting and operating a car wash business with low capital. 

Learning how to start a car wash business is what I want to share with you this lesson today. You can start a modern car wash business in urban or rural area with or with capital because if you can not start a car wash business because of financial limit, you can start and make money daily through doing a hand car wash.

That is what one of my church members does it. He was not shamed even he looks like a father. He told me he makes money daily for many years doing a car cleaning service to corporate car owners at car parks at Cocoa House, Dugbe. He told me the best thing he can make a lot of money daily is Thursdays, Fridays and Mondays. 

He made N8, 000 on Thursdays, N12,000 on Fridays, and N15,000 on Fridays daily, other than N2000 or N3000 on Tuesdays And Wednesdays daily. He did not have washing equipments for cleaning service. He did not have capital he could start a car wash business. What he had he could do it is hand washing skills. 

He just walked around for a car cleaning service at Oba-Adebimpe, Dugbe as if he were mobile car wash business. He has a lot of money every day in his saving account for his future retirement. He is now 50s in his age. He soon plans to retire after 60 years old.

But I tell you as I experienced that he remained poor no matter how much he has in his saving account because he saves money every day from his cleaning service for 15 years ago without compound interest. 

If he had known about compound interest opportunity offered or he had been taught about an opportunity of compound investments, I did not think he would still serve a car wash after 50 years. He will retire so young. A fool can make money every day. But a rich man will spend money to make himself rich.

Most undergraduates or college students do not like the idea of hand washing car service. They do not want to stoop down to do something with their hand washing service because of embarrassment they receive from people.

That is what my former student tenants did it. They refused my offer to do hand wash car service at Apata because they asked me for one idea they could look to take care of their needs. If they wanted to do a part time job on shift, they could go as if they want to eat crumbles from a big consuming company. I gave them notice quit because they could not afford to rent monthly every day including monthly NEPA bills every day.

                                    What Is A Car Cleaning Service?

Most often, a car cleaning service is referred as a car wash business. The car wash outlet is the washing of corporate or commercial cars, buses, tricycles, trucks, etc in the centre or space. They specialize in the washing of the cars’ body, engines and the inner parts. A car wash business is regarded by many as menial or good for nothing business.

                                  Is A Car Wash Business Lucrative?

Yes, why not? It is more or less lucrative, depending on how dexterous you are at washing, how quick you do with your hand wash, how far the traffic jam you operate there. One of my church members made more than N2000 a day from 6am to 5pm daily because of his quick action with skillful hands.

He can finish 15 or more corporate cars a day on N200 each on only body daily. He will cost any car owner if he or she wants him to wash in body, bonnet, boot, inner parts or in everything. A car customer sees how well or fresh his or her vehicle looks, they will patronize you on car wash service for life.

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According to where I read in old Punch paper, a car wash business is a service that is always in demand and most vehicle owners are certainly willing to pay anyone that can help them to keep their vehicles in clean condition. A car wash business is a money-spinning venture. It is a profitable business.

I completely agree on this issue because of the availability of many corporate or commercial cars, buses, etc, many people have made a lot of money providing a car wash service to vehicle owners on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and or Fridays.

Vehicle owners can not go there for special meeting, party or public work with their dirty vehicles. They need to keep it clean. That is where discerning entrepreneurs come in. you make money not only selling car wash service, but also selling snacks or bar service and public water to customers. Is it not so?

                                    Car Wash Business Equipment

The following necessary things for service are as here: water tanks, washing machine, steaming machine, pressure washer, treatment machine, washing towels, radiator washing machines, bore-hole well, generator, pump machine, etc.

If you can not afford to start business because of its cost and may be it requires more than N500,000, you can start business by providing a hand carwash service. You can do hand carwash without carwash equipment. Vehicle owners’ vehicles are at car parks in hotels, universities, polytechnics, etc any where at traffic jam or junction in some major cities, and you can proffer washing service to them and they will be happy to pay you for the service you provide.

But if you have financial capacity you start big in high traffic location, you can do it. You can do automated or partially automated car wash service. It depends on your determination.

                         Guidance In Starting A Car Wash Business Plan

Step 1: Determine what type of car wash business you want to serve your customers. Be it hand car wash; be it automated car wash, partially automated car wash.

Step 2: Go and look around to see where you can get a good location in the busy street. Finding ensures that you situate your car wash business in a high traffic area, preferably near a shopping center or a busy intersection.

Step 3: If you don’t have the cash to establish your car wash business, you can proffer car cleaning service to vehicle owners at car parks any where in shopping center like shoprite, in universities, banking center, etc.

Step 4: When found a good location where there are car parks, test to see if a car wash service is available. It will save your time. If the car wash service is not available, look for another location.

Step 5: Then promote and distribute fliers on your new car wash outlet if necessary.

Step 6: Determine how much you want to charge for your car wash service.


Before running or opening a car wash business, it is important that you should create a car wash business plan first. Don't jump without business plan. This is a blueprint that can guide your business right as you grow your business. 

You have decided whether you want to do automated car wash business, hand car wash business or partially automated car wash business But the most relevant thing you can sustain your business well is your integrity and your excellent service delivery. That is what vehicle customers want.   

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