Wednesday, November 7, 2018

How To Run A Modern Car Wash In Nigeria

make your money back in no time through a car wash business in nigeria

Do you want to know more about modern car wash investment that you want to make money from car wash business? Do you want to know what type of modern equipment you can provide for business? And do you want to know how to set up a car wash business in Nigeria?

Are you seriously interested in the area of investment in business? Here is what you look for. This article is just short information. Just read there. I do not write this article much as I often wrote articles much before.

To run a modern car wash business in Nigeria, it could be capital intensive. But you will make your profit back in no time. Whether you operate a small or large scare car wash business, water is required because it is very essential. Without water, you can not run a car wash business well.

It means you need to supply water for the car wash constantly. You need to dig a bore-hole and you would buy a generator. And also you will need a minimum of two water steel or plastic tanks. There are three things you must have.

Number 1: You must have a pressure washer: It means you must buy a pressure washer for a clean wash. It is not just about pouring water on cars.

No. It is because when water comes out with pressure and it is splashed on water, it will wash cleaner and fresher than just pouring water on the car with clean towel. If you do it, it will make your car washing very clean and give you less scrubbing to do.

Number 2: You must have steaming machine: This is because you will use the machine to steam the engine and to wash off every part that has oil stains.

Number 3: You must treatment machine for water: Why? It is because when your water is harsh, then you need to get a treatment machine to treat your water before you can use it to wash cars, so it will not affect the colour of the cars. Okay? I hope you understand this short lesson?

Before starting and running a car wash business on your investment, you need to look for the good location at high traffic or zebra road. Determine how much you want to charge a client for wash car.

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