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How To Create Wealth In Nigeria From Your Codes

creating wealth is four main technical skills you need to master. without these technical skills, you are not able to create huge wealth in low time
I think I may not be satisfied with what I read some top financial bloggers’ articles about how to create wealth. In truth, I am not satisfied with what they say on their blog because I know what wealth creation is. They don’t tell you what main technical skills you can use to create tremendous wealth in minimum time.

They may just tell you how to live lean, how to invest for retirement, how to reduce your liabilities, how to diversify your investments, etc. But if you buy some best-selling books on how to create wealth or wealth creation and read it, you may find how different it is from some other financial bloggers’ articles you may find yourself.

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I think those articles I read about wealth building strategies or wealth vault may fit for those averse or average investors. Creating wealth means you must be a sophisticated investor or taking-risk investor because it itself really mean enterprise or different types of assets. Wealth creation is what I call financial prosperity.

Wealth creation means playing a game in the market so skillfully. If you play cards so well in the games market, you can create huge wealth with low risk or no money. Here is what I want to share with you about four (4) real main technical skills I read in books some times ago.

Wealth creators use four main technical skills to get so wealthy in minimum time. If you combine these skills in practice, then how create wealth is so easy because you master these skills. You can make success in the pursuit of wealth through four financial skills.

Four Main Technical Skills To Create Your Own Wealth Vault

1. Financial Knowledge

2. Investment Formula Or Investment Strategies

3. Supply And Demand Market

4. Public National Regulations

How wealthy people get there in minimum time even they drop out of school? It is the technical skills they use to get there in fast time. They know how relevant these skills are. They can not do to create wealth through business, real estate, shares or both without using these technical skills. It is called financial secret some prosperous people use for their own personal luxury.

The first technical step most people achieve great wealth in the short or long term is to price for knowledge, (which is called financial literacy) on any subject such as real estate, stocks, precious metals, etc that help them to understand about psychological customers, investors, needs and problems (which is called Supply and Demand Market) and accounting, corporate, state or national rules and regulations (which is called Law) so well. And then they play cards in the games market (which is called investment strategies).

The market booms and the market crashes. If you feel not comfy or comfortable about these technical philosophies because it is a puzzle to you and you may not want to play the games in the risk market, then I recommend you to stick to your four powerful friends that can make you feel so comforting. 

Four Main Powerful Friends To Create Wealth

1. Powerful Priorities. Discover what your priorities are. Then focus on that

2. Powerful equity investment for annual or quarterly dividends or powerful zero mutual market. Bill Gates made a lot of money through the power of portfolios income.

3. Powerful Compounding Interest. To build wealth for retirement in the long term, invest money in compounding interest financial company daily or monthly daily.

4. Powerful Tax Advantage Savings. To delay being taxed on your savings, convert your earned income into passive or portfolios income or reinvest your savings into other opportunities.

Rich people in business pay taxes at last after saving and spending on expenses while average earners pay taxes first before spending what is left. I think I may be wrong in this explanation. If you know about tax advantage savings, you are welcome to drop your comment on that and I will appreciate you for that. I think these powerful friends may fit civil servants, novice or averse investors.

Though, in other words, are you thinking of starting your own business ideas or your business dream? Do you want to build your own wealth creation in business? Do you want to become an emperor in business? Then I recommend you four masterful codes

  Four Masterful Codes To Enlightening Wealth

1. The Destiny Code. To build your destiny, discover what is in your dreams for people.

2. The Product or Service Code. Add value to your product or service used most by.

3. The Team/ Angel Investor Code. Choose good team that helps you build wealth for you. And also get investors to invest in your business ideas.

4. The Customer Based Code. Study psychological customers and supply what they need. Or Practice your relational customers on distribution or supply strategies if you are a producer.


I think I do not need to teach you four steps on how to create wealth in this lesson. But I teach you about this or that and you find it yourself what you believe you can create wealth for yourself and your family. I hope you enjoy this lesson? What do you think you read this lesson? Any question? You are welcome to drop your comment. No spam please.

Stay tune with me next time.

Happy Investor!

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