Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Property Promo In Ibadan: How To Own Government Land For N 3.5 Million

buying land from government land in lbadan and selling it guaranteed you never go broke

As I was made a proposal on land promo for by Okusanya, I tried to google for the word: How To buy land in Ibadan. And I found two words most people looked for: “Government Land For Sales In Land” And “Buy Land In Ibadan”. I understand why most people in Ibadan look for the land to buy.

So here’s what you are looking for the land to buy in Ibadan or buy government land in Ibadan. Are you interested in buying land for your own personal luxurious shares or your personal use or your personal business? Then we have new different building features in good environment at Ibadan North. We have lockup shops, cinema hall, recreation Centre, shoping mall, GRA estate, detached houses, bungalow housed, etc for sales in Ibadan on promo. Surely, we sell it for N 4 million per sale each. But for promo, we decide to sell it for N 3.5 million per sale each. And if you want to make your purchase bulk, we will sell you for N3 million.

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What awe! There is power in the land. There is power in the land. There is money in the land. According to late Myles Monroe, if you want to help ensure prosperity yourself as future generations, focus on acquiring real estate. That is what I call wealth property. Do you know Shoprite at Cocoa House, Dugbe? If you walk up around luxurious shops up and down in the shoprite shop mall, you will know how wealthy people in the group relish passive income flowing cash into their pocket for life. They make money every day through warehouses, car parks, toilet room, space, etc.

Assuming that you own shop mall or any other one of your choice for N3.5 million or collect all in bulk for N3 million from the government land base partnership with city Prime Garden Estate at Ibadan North,Egbeda, Ibadan, Oyo State, I guaranteed you never go broke for life no matter what.

For instance, Myles Monroe bought a small piece of land for $35,000, but he was offered to buy this land by some people to see if he was foolish or dull. And he decided to hold on to it for later time in some years. But to his surprise, a wealthy businessman came and bought his adjacent piece of property on an estate for $3 million in the developed place. What do you think that to the value of his land?

Go and do quickly before it is too late because those unvalued features we offered for cheap sales become valued later if this place becomes a developed city. It is so expensive for more than N4 million. It is hot. Go and do it quickly. Don’t let any person take over your place.

Don’t let this opportunity pass over you. We have different sales. Come and see how you can buy any of your choice from our site. See this image above I upload there now. It is hot. It can make you so wealthy if you take advantage of this offer on promo early. I see that some smart investors take advantage of this opportunity for future rent, lease or sales.

Choose either: Buy Now And Wait Later or Wait And Buy Later. Choose the first. Don’t choose the second. We accept if you can offer us installment for the government land. Call us in the chat online on WhatsApp or in the text messages: 08034297693 or for conversation in phone, call us by this hotline: 08927245356 

Good Luck! Happy Wealthy Estate Investor!

Quote For The Day: If you choose Wait And Buy Later, you are foolish. But if you choose Buy Now And Wait Later, you are wise. – Oluwamuyiwa Olusanya

Buy now when undeveloped and sell (rent) when developed.— Oluwamuyiwa Olusanya

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