Thursday, September 27, 2018

How To Create Wealth: Two Mistakes Investors Made

rich people get wealthy because they know how to create wealth through the power of information they pay

Rich people know how to create wealth because they know the laws of money and follow it religiously. They master the power of money. They understand it well and use it to work for them, not against them. They create wealth through their financial genius. They know how to create wealth from something (or nothing) they develop or love what they spend on.

Investing in seminars, books or tapes or money magazines is what make people know how to create wealth and also 
build their wealth they learned there. If you want to get rich, you need to learn different ways to make money. 

In contrast, poor people know how to create poverty because they know how to work for money. They use the power of money against them. They do not understand the laws of money because they were not taught in primary or secondary or college school. They are so intelligent or brilliant in courses or subjects, but they are low in financial planning systems, investment systems or business systems.

Now, understand that money will always flow from those who can’t manage it or can’t understand how it works for them to those who can manage and multiply it or understand the laws of money. And whenever you have money in your hand, it is up to you to create more prosperous or penurious, according to the level of your knowledge.

To the poor, money is a problem because they lack financial skills or technical knowledge. But to the rich, money is not a problem because they know, understand and apply the laws of money. It is an opportunity for them to generate and build wealth faster.

They have wealth planning for their own formula that works for them on real estate, stocks, business, etc. That is where they get so rich. They are wealthy because they thought and did what they learned there. They understand what money is and how it works. If you want to generate wealth, you must input knowledge into your money making quickly system.

Investment Foolhardiness

A certain Nigerian lady was so exciting while she laid it on the bed when she received one million naira from her brother (who kept three jobs aboard to survive, to manage and keep it) because she never saw the amount of money before. Then she started lending one of her friends N200,000 for doing business and hoped her to pay N30000 interest back to her for six months.

And again, she lent 50% to another friend to pay back N50000 to her. But at the end, she made N80,000 profit on her N1million investment. What a fool she was! Because she lost all the money of course. No agreement was made in writing. If you want to make money lending some one else, you should spend to make money. You must risk in order to make money from investment opportunities like Coolnaira Networking Business, etc. It saddens me that most Nigerian youths or lazy people refuse to invest in something they can make money later or they can learn that will serve them later because they want free registration or something free. It does not work that way.

Rich Dad said in my paraphrase, “Poor Nigerian people are greedier than rich American people”. If you want to receive something you can live a luxurious life or enjoy prosperity for life, you must give something you receive. The Law Of Money is what I call it.

Investment foolishness is what I share with you this story above there. Better lose everything you invest for training, physical or electronic book, financial education or passive income and prosper later because you receive something more experiences than risk nothing and prosper.

Saving To Live Or Die

A young man dreamed of a car because he wanted to buy, but his regular income could not afford it at a go. So he decided that even if he wanted to save money, he would need to forgo a lot in terms of his upkeep. But unfortunately, he died, leaving much money in his saving bank account after he tightened saving system daily, which touched his health. Now, he did not live to drive his dreamed car because of his nutritional disease that sent him to the grave. Why can he not ask him a question, How can I afford it instead?


Do you want something? Do you want luxuries? Do you want passive income? You must invest something you can earn faster. Any saving that does not invest in something will die with inflation. You decide whether you want to save your way to prosperity or penury. It is up to you if you do not want to learn something how to create wealth by refusing to risk something you can get rich or more experiences.

Happy investors!

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