Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Importance Of Biblical Financial Planning You Need To Know Now

To recover your financial cold is through biblical financial planning principles or strategies

For my Christian experience, I want to share with you about Christian financial planning in this lesson. Biblical or Christian financial planning is the most important for every one of you as a Christian ministry or Christian because financial planning is like a map that can lead you out of financial confusion and stay financial happiness.

If you want God to entrust you with money, you must embrace financial responsibility. If you want to become a successful ministry, you must think of financial planning. You must plan financially well. If you want to become a Christian millionaire, you must apply some biblical principles on personal finances. 

No one Christian can prosper without financial planning. If you want to be blessed with riches, you must be ready to take accountable for finances God gave you with like a parable of three traders in the Bible.

Let share with you about financial planning strategies that help you out of financial disorder and help you achieve financial freedom. Without financial planning, you may not become a prosperous Christian or rich. Developing a financial planning is your leverage to increase wealth. Many Christians or Christian ministries don’t get what they hope because of lack of their financial planning.

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They are in financial mess. They pray for financial breakage. But they are still in financial crisis because they don't take accountable for their personal finances. Remember the story of a widow who was threatened to take her two sons away if she did not settle her husband’s debt to a creditor for him in 2 king4:1-7? Her husband was a Christian because he served Prophet Elisha in church, yet he died with great debts. That is what happens to many Christians even pastors in the world today because they do not know how important financial planning is.

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Even they know biblical principles about financial planning, but they do not apply it. They thought Bible is just a fable or history. They may not know Bible is a real mirror to their life. That is where financial cold catches them up. Bible means Divine instructions for your Christian life on personal finances.

For instance, Scripture said in Proverbs 22:3: “A prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished”. It seems to be a replacement to your financial Christian life.

                         How To Guide Against Financial Wastage

· Have A Master Plan

· Live On Budget

· Financial Discipline

Master Plan: Joseph, the Prime Minister in the Bible, mastered plan because he planned well before famine time came. Five wise women mastered plan because they planned well before their bridegroom came at night. So shall you as a Christian.

You must know how to plan well. To recover from financial cold or get out of financial mess is to sit down and map out what you want for your future, when you want to do, where you want to go and how much you want to reach there and how many years you want to achieve your aim.

Live On Budget: Learn to live on budget whatever you earn because it protects you against financial wastage or help you control whatever you go out for shop and it allows you save more money. Without a budget, you will easily spend more than you earn because you are not sure what you want. You just spend anyhow you see yourself. You don’t have details for shop.

Financial Discipline: Financial discipline means financial responsibility. Responsibility is the price for greatness. When you embrace financial responsibility, you are on your way out of any financial hardship. If you embrace the discipline as a Christian, to execute the plan, everything will begin to work for you. 
And Bible said, God bless the work of thy hands and whatever you lay your hand to do what you learn there shall prosper and you shall prosper because the Bible said in Isaiah1:19, if ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land.


For Christian financial planning, you must develop yourself. You are responsible in finances as a Christian. Saving, budgeting, investing, multiplication and retention are called responsible plan as a Christian. God never entrust you with millions unless you decide to become a good financial planner. God never bless the work of your hands in business unless you are responsible as a planner.

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