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How To Grow Your Money In 90 Days From Investment In Fixed Deposit

growing your money through investment in fixed deposit

One of the simplest ways to make your money grow in 30 days, 90 days or 1 year is what I call investment in fixed deposit. If you want your money work for you in short term daily, then investment in fixed deposit is for you. Let me share with you this lesson. The following details are as here:

                                 What Is Fixed income Instruments?

Fixed income instruments which commercial banks provide are called fixed deposit account market. It is an account you hold with any bank of your choice for a fixed period of time, a fixed account and also at a fixed interest rate. A fixed deposit market is a fixed income instrument created by financial institutions or commercial banks and just offered attractive competitive interest rates to those averse investors who can tie up their money for over months or don’t use money for emergency or want to save their money towards future projects for a short term.

                            Benefits Of Fixed Deposit Account Market

If you fix your investment into a fixed income instrument account, chances are you that you will get more benefits than savings account. The benefit of this opportunity is by further better than of savings account. If you deposit your money into a savings account, it might earn you peanuts monthly based on little interest rate even you have millions in your savings bank account. But if you deposit your money into this fixed income market, it will earn you higher bucks monthly based on higher interest rates.

In other words, attractive interest rates on fixed term deposit account are higher than on savings account because monthly payments of attractive interest rates on the fixed deposit account are as much as 14% p.a whereby monthly payments of interest rates on savings account invested in are only 2% up to 3% p.a.

But it is good to deposit money into the saving account if you want to use it for emergency or urgent needs. If you don’t use it or keep it for more than months or if you want to keep it for future use or project, please consider this fixed deposit market. If you have a load of money in your savings account, consider this opportunity because you will attract higher interest rate on your investment in 30 days, 90 days or even 1 year.

The reason why you should not keep your money in your savings account for long term is because the 2% monthly payment on the saving account will slow the growth of your money over the rate of inflation and the growth of inflationary rates will eat your value away or choke your money growth.

                                Maturities Of Fixed Deposit Market

Maturities on the fixed deposit accounts usually range or vary from one month to one year or in between 30 days to 180 days or 360 days. Fixed deposit investment options are safer and more liquid than the stock market and it also attracts an excellent return on your deposit investments.

                    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fixed Deposit Market

The advantage of the fixed income instrument is to follow as here:

· It offers guaranteed good returns on your investment because there are also low risks and uncertainties as compared to the stock market you make your investment.

· It can be convenient and flexible in nature. It is different from real estate market where you need to invest heavily. It offers you to invest in with any amount you can deposit in for one month or one year at a mature time.

· It offers you higher interest rate on your investment as its interest rates are highly negotiable than the interest rates on your investment left in your savings account.

· Also it outweighs the savings account.

· Also it offers you additional services such as loans against Fixed Deposit (FD) certificates at competitive interest rates. For as a FD holder, you can borrow up to 90% of your FD amount.

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· It can be offered to you different interest rates from 4% to 14% by different commercial banks. It can be allowed you to deposit in for one tenure from 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 45 days, and 90 days to 1.5 years.

The disadvantage of the fixed deposit account is as follows here:

· Banks may offer lesser interest rates on your investment under uncertain economic conditions. It could vary from 2% to 11%.

· It is not suitable for everyone. Its returns on your investment are low compared to other investment options.

· Investors are the worst hit as their ROI from the fixed income market is not enough to cover their high expenses if the inflationary rate is higher than FD interest rate.

· Your return on investment (ROI) could be taxed every maturity, every monthly, quarterly or yearly payment and you may lose that profit unless you are good at dodging Tax Deductions (TDS).

· You can be penalized on your investment if you withdraw earlier before maturity. It could be called penalty fees.

                         Different Denominations At Different Interest Rates

Different denominations at different interest rates requested by different financial institutions in their own policies are offered to you as a FD holder for depositing in fixed income instrument for attractive interest rates. Some banks require a denomination of #100,000 while others, # 200,000, #250,000, etc, competing with one other in the same place by offering you different interest rates.

                      How To Dodge Tax Deductions On Your Investment 

There are two things I would to teach you how to avoid tax deduction on your ROI investments. The first of the two things is to use fixed deposit (FD) collateral to borrow money from one of your choice you apply as a FD holder, so as to avoid the tax deduction on your interest rate paid at every maturity. Even if you don’t feel you want to borrow for business or anything else, just pretend it.

The second is to diversify in 3 or 4 banks that offer you higher interest rates, so that you can recover your profit from your fixed income investment tax-deducted by a taxman.

             What Do Banks Make Requirements From Customers?

Know Your Customers (KYC) requirements created by banks are here:

Passport photograph; not less than 18 years old; proof of identifications such as National ID card, driver’s license card or Voter’s card, Bank Verified Number (BVN), copy of a residence or work permit for foreign account holders, etc. Just check there what they require from you.

               How To Grow Your Money As A Fixed Deposit Holder

Step 1: Shop around the banks to see if they can offer you higher interest rates with minimum of a denomination, if you cannot afford to buy a maximum of a denomination.

Step 2: Read their key features or benefits about the fixed deposit investment.

Step 3: Fill the deposit mandate form with your personal details if you are satisfied with their key features.

Step 4: Try diversification in different banks if you want more profits from different higher interest rates offered by the banks

Step 5: Check if the inflationary is less than the FD interest rates or compare inflation rate with fixed interest rates before applying as a holder.

Step 6: Ask any deposit bank if they can help in re-investing on your investment or automatic rolling over of your deposit placement. And it helps you grow your money over tax or inflationary rates.

Step 7: Leave your investment in the Fixed Deposit account for a long term if you find banks offer they want to continue paying you interest rates monthly or quarterly daily.


Growing your great money is from investment in fixed deposit if you understand how it works. Depositing in fixed deposit account is the greatest profitable investment you can make if you understand the rules. Knowing what to invest and what not to invest help you build wealth from your investment. Try to hunt around for opportunities on fixed deposit online or offline. 

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