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How To Make Millions In 30 Days Investing In Treasury Bills In Nigeria

big investors get millions through the power of treasury bills in nigeria
Investing in treasury bills in Nigeria is a high opportunity for averse investors. I don’t think it could be suitable to those low-income earners. It is only for big investors with lots of cash on their hands because investing in treasury bills in the Nigerian market requests a maximum of N 1 million or so. For some developed countries such as USA, London, Austria, etc, T-bills issued are traded in very large denominations such as over $100,000.

So, big averse investors can afford to invest in T-bills while small opposition-risky investors might not be able to afford to invest. Investing in the treasury bills market that pays you fair interest rates in short tensors is better than keeping your money in the saving bank account that is paid little monthly peanuts to you. Let me detail here what treasury bills are and how you can benefit it.

                   What Are Treasury Bills (T-bills) In The Market?

These securities are bills issued or backed by the government, or Federal Government and some other provinces, and they are offered (upfront) interest to or sold to investors through the treasury. They are debt instruments and paid interest to the investors for a given numbers of days or months.

                                      Are T-bills Bills Safe In The Market?

Yes. It is because they are issued by the Federal Government and even some other provinces. These are referred to as gilt edge instruments in the financial parlance, because they are considered risk free instruments, which guarantees constant return on your short-term investment and help you and other investors to mitigate against losses.

                  Do They Pay Higher Interest On Investments?

No. The returns on treasury bills are generally rather lower than Certificate of Deposit (CD), bonds, Fixed Term Deposit (FTD) and other securities on the Exchange. But it is good ideal investment when averse old-middle investors can not afford to risk their money in the stock market or the Forex trading market because if the stock market or the bond market is going to slump, T-bills are a good place to park your money for a shorter while than the stock market or other risk investments.

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May be you do not like investing money in T-bills because of lower interest. But remember bigwigs or big politicians prefer treasury bills even it look so small to them. They know how beneficial it is. They make millions in 30 days, 90 days daily through the power of treasury bills. They refuse to tell you why they prefer treasury bills.

Commissioners, Governors, Senators, etc adore Treasury bills rather than other riskier investment and or saving bank account. Whenever they earn millions, they will invest it only in the T-bills market that makes them more riches. If you read MJ DeMarco’s book on The Fastlance Millionaira, you will understand why Treasury bills are preferred.

                  The History Of The Established Nigerian Money Market

The Nigerian Money Market emerged with the establishment of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) via an Act in 1958. T-bills were the first money market instruments issued by the CBN bodies in April 1960. 

                              7 Benefits Of T-bills Investments 

1. Tax free income—interest rate received is not subject to withholding tax.

2. T-bills can be sold on the open market through an investment deal before they mature.

3. It helps in mitigating the re-discounting risk on T-bills by offering shorter tensors than what obtains in the primary market.

4. Investing money in the T-bills market can be used as collateral when it comes to business loan from any financial institutions.

5. Money supply could be managed for clients through the secondary market.

6. A guaranteed percentage of returns or interest rate is payable upfront.

7. Investing in treasury bills could be free from default risk. Repayment is guaranteed at maturity. 

        How To Trade T-Bills In The Secondary Money Market For A Short Term

Step 1: Walk up to a bank where you often deposit in your saving account.

Step 2: Ask if a bank manager sells T-bills securities. Then ask how much they can accept a minimum of investment, and if you find you can not meet their request, consider moving to another bank who can accept a minimum of investment. 

Step 3: Before filling the T-bills form with your personal information and making your purchase on T-bills, tell them you want shorter-tenured bills. 

Tell them you don’t want 91, 182 or 364 days T-bills investment. Tell them you want to make your investments in between 30-90 days with your roll over options.

Warning Tips:

1. Select only competitive bidding value to invest cash in because you won’t earn any interest if you buy non-competitive bidding value.

2. Consult a stockbroker or discount house for professional advice on T-bill investments firstly before starting your way to investments.

3. The interest rate is determined by the Central Bank and discounted to customers.

4. Different banks have different benefits and features in their own securities. Let them help you to estimate or discern whether it is a good investment through their explanations on the features of the T-bills investment you must ask them to. 

5. Don’t invest in 91 or 182 days T-bills. Only invest in shorter-tenured bills and you will make millions on competitive bidding value.


Even if they give you little payment on your purchase in short tensors, you will live a luxurious life like a politician if you understand of the treasury bills. Please look for information on T-bills and take advantage of this opportunity through reading in the local newspaper daily or listening on the financial radio about investment opportunity on the money market. 

T-bills are called money market. I hope you enjoy this lesson? Do you have experience how t-bills work for you before? Share with me on your experience in this comment box. No spam please. No add your URL here if you want to give me an enjoyable judgment on this article. If you like this article and you want more updates on your inbox from me, subscribe to my weekly newsletter at the right sidebar.

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