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How Twenty Thousand Naira Business Can Earn You Fast Income Daily

making money fast through twenty thousand naira business you can start with
In last time, I published my article titled what business can i start with 20,000 naira on my blog, but today I would like to share with you another lesson on my blog again because I saw one of the searched related titles on the stats for which is ‘twenty thousand naira business that can earn fast income’. 

By this, I know any reader wants me to share with them on this title they seek for. Do you want to know what business that moves fast in Nigeria? Do you want to know what business you can do or start with any capital you have you lay your hand on like 10,000 naira, 20,000 naira, 30,000 naira, 50,000 naira, etc and prosper in business? 

Okay. Let me tell you the truth that there is none any other business idea I can give you power to prosper in your business. Even if I know there is any other business I can suggest you to start with N20,000 that earns you fast income daily, that is FMCG products and also other commercial vegetables opportunity businesses, but it is not my right to choose any other business I can proffer you to start with N20,000 I know best. 

It is only YOU can do because you have power to choose according to your passion or your capacity God gave you. Let me share with one testimony how only twenty-five thousand naira knowledge earned John Onyeze a million naira plus.

              Testimony: How I made A Million Naira Plus Using OPM 

My name is John Onyeze. I have only N25,000 in my saving account. This amount is used for business. But I don’t know what kind of business I can start with this amount. Before starting any business I can be offered to start with, I look to see if any business columnist can offer me to choose one of the best business ideas I can launch with from their own idea. But when I read in the Success Digest newspaper, I come across one advert on “MONEY IN THE BANK WORKSHOP” and it is only for investors and it is for free attendance in which I want to. It is only for just one day.  

So when I attend free seminar on investment opportunities, the problem I was then left with is to choose either: to invest in stock with N25000 which is my major attraction or to pay this same amount for the other workshop which is called knowledge strategies on enter and exit. I don’t have any knowledge of the enter and exit strategies on stock trade.
So I went to my facilitator, Mr. Hope Eno for advice on which stock I should invest in after the end of the day. But I was surprised because he told me to use the money to acquire knowledge firstly. I had no other option than to take his advice. I pay N25000 for the workshop I withdraw completely. After the workshop, I did not have any other money in my 
saving account I want to trade shares on stock exchange for wealthy profits. 

However, fate was on me, I got a loan of four hundred thousand naira without collateral or interest after Dr. Obazu-Ojeagbase prayed for all the participants especially those who did not have money to start: that God will make a way for us. When I traded one stock with the loan, I sold it for a million naira mark I acquired knowledge from the facilitator. 

After I returned the loan to some one, I surprisingly received more than one million naira from some one who asked me to help him to trade stock for him at a fee. That is how I made money on my stock through the power of knowledge. I was not only making money on my stocks, but also managing other people’s funds on stocks for a fee. Having knowledge gave me an opportunity to organize “Business Awareness Workshop” for my fellow church members I acquired from.

And I also planned for bigger workshops at fee which made me a lot of money per person each. I thanked Mr.Eno for offering me advice on payment for knowledge first. If I had refused to take Mr. Eno’s advice on payment for knowledge strategies, I would not have where I was today. I did not know I could make money trading on stock. I did not know someone could lend me money for trade or give me more than one million naira on trade for a fee. I did not know I could organize a workshop for my church members. Knowledge saved me from losing everything I invest in.

Remember this story is my own paraphrase I read from the Success Digest newspaper in 2008. Knowledge is the only one true source of wealth. Knowledge or information is the mother of transformation. The knowledge of any business or investment is more relevant than the money itself. 

According to Joson Jelly, Buying (or Choosing) what headlines tell you to buy (or start a business) does not work. Buying (or Choosing) what your neighhour, friend, or relative (or stockbroker or business columnist) tells you to buy or (or start a business of their choice) does not work. But buying (or starting a business) what seems best to you after thorough research can work for you. Is not so? 

Good! But this bracket is mine. Stop asking what business can i start with 20,000 naira? because it wastes your time. 5000 naira, 20,000 naira, 30,000 naira, 50,000 naira business can turn you into multimillion naira business if you know what you are doing and take action or if you apply knowledge you acquire from some one you learn there or attend there. 

Those who know what to do with money are at the mercy of those who know how money works. Multimillion naira will come to those who know the laws of money and apply it for business. I don’t care what product I can start with N20,000. 

But I care what business strategy I should build for great success. I just choose any business I can start with N20,000 through the power of business marketing strategies I acquire from some one else I bought or attended there. If you want to know how you can start with any capital you have even you have no money, I recommend you to get books for your personal improvement in business and life:

Money won’t make you rich by Sunday Adelaja

Secrets of Business Emperors by Joseph E. Abe

What Purpose Am I Here On Earth? By Rick

The Leadership Secrets Of Jesus by Mike Murdock. 

Success Blueprint: Secrets To Wealth Building by Simon Agboola

More Than It’s Just Business by Caleb McAfee 

And What Rich People Know And Desperately Want To Keep Secert by Brian Sheir. 

Or contact me for these books only on whatsapp (08034297693). And I will get these books for you on price.


Many prosperous entrepreneurs start with thinking or research. If you can think, you can think. Everything in life starts with thinking or research people choose themselves. If you try to ask people to choose one best business that can earn you fast income daily, you will fail. If you try to research what you can do to help people with N20,000 or any capital you have you can lay your hand on, you can prosper in your business.

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