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How To Become A Food Caterer In Nigeria

making money daily is via canteen business in nigeria. starting canteen business can fetch you cash daily if you set up it at busy place in an urban city
How can i make money from canteen business in Nigeria is what I received an alert from my blog stats. I understand how Nigerian readers may be women want to read it because I often saw this word from my blog stats below. It may be you because you want to know how can i make money from canteen business in Nigeria, not so?

Good! Now, no man can survive without food. They need food for their stomach even if it looks expensive. They will spend their hard earnings on foods. So food business is a true source of wealth. Fast food business is the biggest business we ever know. All other factories may close down operations. But for raw food business in nigeria, it never and never folds up operations because of economic downturn or recession. 

And food related enterprise will continue to blossom no matter what because you and I still need foods. Let me detail here in explanation why some Nigerian women decide to operate as a food vendor and how you can do it even you are a man. 

          Why Do People Become Food Vendors Some where In Nigeria? 

I do not want to waste my time explaining why food vendors go into food business till you see yourself where you live or work there in high urban cities some where like Iwo road, Molete or Mokola road, Railway road, UI road, etc In Oyo state, Busy Ojuelegba road, Obalende road Bus stop, etc in Lagos state, Oja Oba road, Area 2, etc in Akure, Ondo state, etc. 

Why do people become food vendors at busy place, traffic jam, busy parks, or traffic junction or zebra crossing in high urban towns? It is because urban people are taxi drivers, banking employees, private business owners, civil servants, carpenters, business travelers, barbers, newspapers vendors, engineers, machinists, day-school pupils/students, street pedestrians, etc. They don’t have time to cook at home, at work or at school when it comes to activities. 

They don’t want to come later at work or school, miss transport or lose customers or job when it comes to cook at home. Or they can’t do anything at work or school without food. Can they cook food at work, school, office, at road etc during their activities at high busy place? That is where traffic food vendors come in. They know people at traffic jam in the high urban cities need STOMACH during every morning, break time or night. 

Day Life or Night Life canteen business is what food vendors peak over N100,000 per month daily. They make money daily through the power of traffic junction in busy urban cities on food business. Even if you venture into food business at high busy place, remember a good soup is determined by money. A Soup can make or mar your food business at the zebra crossing.

I know you may be frightened or scared because of the soup you face little problem and you may not want to lose customers to other food-vendor competitor in the same place. That is why you may look for ritual blood on soup. But be warned to be careful. Remember God watch at you as I heard or read what happens several times ago before in Lagos and Ibadan. Satan has no hide it for you on food business. Ask God to teach you how to make so delicious or such a good soup or so taste. 

I know what make you leverage huge income daily is rice, beans, dodo or plantain, roasted chicken, goat meat, cat fish, cow leg, boiled eggs, spaghetti, Moin-Moin, with good local soup in day-life and or night-life activities. But a good local soup with hygienic conditions guaranteed your success. If you have excellent food service on delivery, you have no problems. Customers will recommend other people to you in near and far distance. 

                                   What Are Set-up Requirements? 

No rent needed to be paid. No licensing is required. No harassment from council officials. It is just free space any where at the traffic junction you can discuss with for permission. What you need for canteen business is to get materials ridiculously such as canopy, wooden benches, wooden table, plastic chairs and dwarf table, food coolers, etc. You can start canteen business with just 20000 naira or 50, 0000 naira, depending on how many quantities you want to buy. 

       Operational Strategies For Starting A Fast Food Business In Nigeria 

The following operational strategies of how to start a fast food business in nigeria is here: 

Strategy 1: Decide what day you want to operate. Be it Moring or be it Night. Decide yourself. 

Strategy 2: Go to any location at the traffic junction and test if there is any gap you can fill in the market. Then discuss with some one for permission on empty spacious usage.

Strategy 3: Then plan to buy some materials such as plastic food coolers, cooking pots, plates, take-away containers, cellophane bags, jars for water cutleries, etc and put it there at the location. 

Strategy 4: Buy some raw food stuffs wholesaling and prepare to cook at home. You need to employ some one or two persons or need some assistants.

Strategy 5: To convey your prepared meals to the location, get a cart if a distance from your home is short or van if the distance is long. Or you can hire a conveyor to carry your load to the location. 

Strategy 6: You do not need a small generator if you want to sell fast foods in the Morning-Life business. Or you can place a small generator if you want to sell ready foods in the Night-Life business. It is your choice. 

Strategy 7: Customers need foods warm. So carry one or two kerosene stoves or cooking gas to keep soup or stew warm.

Strategy 8: To attract customers with food service, try varieties of foods as a test at small fee and see what relishes customers most. Try to understand where and what food items delight more profit. Don’t worry about loss in the early days because you will reap more profits later. 

Strategy 9: Inconsistency and irregularity in your operation can be a barrier to the growth of your canteen business in Nigeria. Avoid it. 

Strategy 10: Familiarity breeds contempt in business. Never allow any well-known customers credit on food service. Make them pay you first before serving them food. 

Strategy 11: Since you are at the busy parks or traffic jams for food service, do not cook excessively; otherwise it is dangerous to your business survival when you have not captured the market. Try to measure foodstuffs operational wisely. Avoid wasting it.


If you try operational strategies of how can I make money from canteen business in Nigeria or how to start a fast food business in nigeria I offer you this lesson, you will make your way to prosperity in business as you lay your hand on as a test. Find any food you can fill the gap in the market. 

What about Saturdays or Sundays at the junction? Do you see any food-vendor competitor fill the gap in the market on Saturdays or Sundays (morning or night)? Do you see any food-vendor competitor fill the gap on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (morning or night)? Find yourself. Research yourself.

Do you have any complaints, comments, suggestions and or observations on what you read there in this lesson? How do you succeed in your canteen business? Share with me on this lesson in the comment box. No appreciation or applause needed if you try to add a link for the sake of backlinks. No spam needed please. 

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