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How To Choose The Best Online Business Opportunities In Nigeria

choosing one best online business can guarantee you never go broke if you know what you are doing

Do you want to know what kind of best online business you can start that guarantees you never go broke? Then this is where you are what you look for. In this post, I will expose you the best online business ideas or models you can float any of your choice you can control. There are many business online opportunities in Nigeria, but only a few are best online we ever know because they are auto payer. They pay you automatically once you work and sleep. 

Here I would like to share with you in this article. 10 best identified residual income online businesses you can start and run successfully online are here. But if you want to find any best online business ideas you can control, remember you need to have a good team that will work for you as an assistant, hireling, translator, etc.

No one can succeed online in alone. Many netpreneurs are successful because they have team. Adsense Google has teams. Problogger has teams. Nairaland has teams. It is so on and on. So you need to have a team if you want to succeed online in. Let me process with this lesson. 

                                     Best Online Business Models In Nigeria 

Digital Product Business Online: Many authors become internet millionaires through the power of information they write and sell ebooks on their blogs, website or other online publishing sites such as Amazon, Pubit, OkakoBook, etc because we are in the information age. We need information on marriage, personal success, financial success, health, money management, etc. 

For physical products, it cost you much to print books for sales and you may lose profit as I experienced before. But for online business, it does not cost you to start writing and selling digital books because you use some internet tools free to make your ebook and reach it to both local and international audiences. 

Research what local or international audiences want for information and then reach them there with your proffer, and you will earn royalties daily if you use another publishing sites like Amazon, B&N, Lulu, etc or you are paid for by buyers if you use your own sales directly. 

Affiliate Marketing Business: As I tested, I found how best this business is because I learn some successful affiliates earn up to $15000 monthly or some affiliate bloggers earn up $100,000 a year writing reviews about products and services for affiliate advertisers. Affiliate publishers or bloggers prefer affiliate marketing business to writing ebooks and publishing it themselves. 

Affiliate marketing business online is the process of earning once or twice commission daily by promoting other people’s sweat and efforts or manufacturing companies’ products on your blog or on YouTube channel.

If you love phone accessories, female fashion, electronics, etc and you want to do reviews about it for advertisers, then I recommend you to join Alishopper as an affiliate

Domain Registration Business: Have you not seen Namecheap, Godaddy, etc on yearly domain registration? This is the best profitable online business we ever know because you earn money each time bloggers, webmasters and or companies buy yearly domain names.

You will make more than $5000 per domain daily selling different suffix domain names on $ 5, $10, $50, etc, depending on type of suffixes, old domain names, or expired domain names. That is how domain registrars earn millions daily from million local and international domain buyers. If you google, “Make Money Online In Nigeria” in the search box, you will see different suffix domain names coming out from the list. It indicates they bought domain names from domain registrars for the purpose of business.

They make millions through domain registration they sell different types of domains. I know you may not be able to afford to buy your own domain business because it may cost you to buy an investment. But you can if you become an agent, a reseller or affiliate for their top domain companies. And if you can because you have money, you can buy expensive domain software for your own business. 

Web Search Engine Adverting Opportunity: Truly, I do not know this opportunity till I understand how it works and I wish it because some owners of web search engine business make millions through direct/indirect advertisement and sales of ads space. They make money online daily through direct/indirect advertising in the search results. Remember Google Search, Izito Search, Zapmeta Search, Yahoo Search, Fast Nigerian Search, Bing Search, etc? 

Web search engine is online software designed for users to search for information on any subject they look for or buy something they want to use or sell. That is where smart players come in as SE owners by offering paid advertisers on their search results in promotion.

And you can do your own search engines business if you know how to promote it by buying ready-making crawler script, building your own fully optimized search engine website and joining any indirect CPC sites of your choice such as Adsense, Media, etc or offering direct advertisers on your own independent search results.

Freelance Opportunity: Earning your living by selling your service to some organizations on writing, designing, translation, telemarketing, etc is what I call freelance. Choose any type of skills you can proffer clients. No client can succeed online alone. They need a team. That is why they look to see if you can help them with your skill by contacting you for service if they like your skill on writing, designing, or any other type they see you on blog or freelance sites as freelancer, upwork, etc you join as a member there. 

Web Hosting Opportunity: Even if you buy yearly domain name, you can not display your product or service to the global village any where without web host. Web host like a warehouse or shop where every business owner displays what they have. This is really hot because every web master or blog need a web host to design their website. 

If you can provide web host service to them as an operator or reseller, you will make money per host today daily selling monthly web host megabytes to clients. Becoming a web-host reseller is easy, but become a web host may not be easy because it requires a lot of money and technical expertise. 

Customized Wordpress Blogs Opportunities: This type is called virtual real estate. You just choose one hot niche or buy expired domain name, customize it and update some rich contents into your niche blog. Then add Adsense, advertising space and affiliate and then sell it for some thousands of dollars after 6 months or one year. Huffington Post created by Arianna Huffington was sold for $320 million dollars. That is bigger profit. You make thousands or one million of dollars through flipping business. 


If you can identify best online business, you can identify best profitable keyword. If you identify the best profitable keyword, you can make millions from this hot opportunity. Many internet bloggers or marketers make millions through the trends they identify hot. Master one trade. Choose one that fits you and stick to this. What can I do to help you out of problems you are looking for? Do you like this lesson? Spread this link to others on social media sites. 

Stay tune with me next time.

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