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10 Best Questions That Help You Start Small And Grow As An Industrialist

if you want to start any business or company of your choice, you need to answer these questions. without creating your answered questions, you will end up as a failure in business.
List Of Business Ideas

Any person who says I want to start a business or wants to get started their distribution wholesale business must answer hard questions. Until you pass your test or answer those questions on this title: Business Ideas For Startups, you can not start with whatever you have and grow your business. Even if you have money, you can not start and succeed in business till you answer questions given to you in this lesson.

Why? Because your answers to these questions will help you develop a focused, well-researched business plan with details on how the business will be operated, managed and financed.

If you try to start a company or business without understanding the nature of business, customer psychology and yourself, or without answering those questions on business, then your business will not last long because you don’t understand the nature of business. You must answer these questions before you can start a business with any capital you can afford to. 

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It is not enough if you ask what business I can start with N2000, N3000, N5000 or N20,000, etc ? It is not enough if what type of business I can start business that can fetch me N5000 daily. Even they give you different business ideas you can start small and grow, it is not enough. You must answer these questions. You must answer those questions honestly before you can choose any product you can start with zero capital or little capital or whatever you have.

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If you can’t answer those questions or fail to answer some of questions, don’t start even you have the cash till you answer it exactly. Before launching any business of your choice, please try to answer those questions detailed here in this lesson yourself.

Try to answer these questions as much as possible. Don’t ask any person to help you to answer those questions. Are you ready to pass all these tests? Here are our questions you need to answer it honestly.

               Questions Answered In Business Ideas For Startups

A. Business Startups

Q.1: What is your reason for going into venture business? Or why do you want to be an entrepreneur?


B. Business Style

Q.2: What Business is suitable for or right for you?

Ø What technical skills have you learned or developed?

Ø Do you have any hobby or interest that is marketable?

Ø What do other people say you are good at?

Ø What do you like to do with your time?

Ø How much time do you have to run a successful business?


C. Business Niche 

Q.3: What kind of business niche will you fill?

Ø Will it fill a need or gap in the marketplace?

Ø Is it practical?

Ø Can you deliver a better quality service?

Ø Who is your competitor in the same product or service? What is your competition?

Ø What is your business advantage over exiting firms?

Ø Can you create a demand for your business?


D. Business Ideas 

Q.3: How do you get your business idea?

Ø Describe your business idea


E. Business Future

Q.4: Why will you wish to succeed in business?


F. Business Location

Q.5: Where do you intend to locate your business?

Ø Why do you think you want to locate your business there?

G. Business Innovation

Q.6: What is particularly innovative or original about business? Examples are: process, innovative ideas, products, market, etc.


H. Marketing Business

Q.7: Describe your market

Ø Who will buy your product or service?

Ø Why do people buy your product or service? What makes them unique?

Ø What is the size of your market?

Ø How do you make it growing?

Ø What kind of market opportunities can you grow?

Ø Where are the growth opportunities?


I. Competition Market 

Q.8: What is the competition?

Ø How will you make it change?

Ø Why do you think you are better than your competitor?


J. Business Profit

Q.9: How will your business make money?

Ø How profitable can it be?

Ø What things do you need to do in the next six months to start your company?

Ø What qualification or experience do you have to start and run your own business?


K. Business Risk

Q. 10: What are the risks you can foresee in this business?

Ø What could stop you from accessing business?

Ø How can you overcome these risks?


L. Business Capital

Q.11: How much money do you need to start your business?

Ø Is it enough for you to start business?

Ø What if you don’t have any capital to start business?

Ø Will you stop it?

Ø Where do you get money to start this business?

Ø How many days, weeks, months and or years will you be able to repay if loaned from?



To become an entrepreneur, you need to answer those questions because it tests your knowledge. If you don’t answer some of those questions, start with the street because it will teach you what to do and what not to do.

Stop going out canvassing for business ideas for startups you want to follow till you create your own questions and answers on your choice yourself. When you choose any product or service you want to serve people, create your own answered questions on this business you choose. It will help you achieve your project fast. It is called business plan. Without this, you will end up as failure in any business you choose.

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