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Here Is 8 Strategic Steps On How To Invest In Business Startups

if you want to grow bigger in time or if you want to become a businessman or businesswoman, you must invest small and build success in time. No acorn could be without a mustard seed.

I remember the day that I read in the local national newspaper recently that a man wanted to start a business, but he did not know how to start a business. So he walked round for joy and fun till he met his friend who taught him how to start a small business.

Some people have the capital they want to invest money in small local business for considerable profitable, but they are not sure how to go about it. That is why they look for guides on business investment.

Are you the one that seeks for information that leads you to start investing in a business to achieve your aim? Do you want to invest in a small business, but you want to know how you can invest in a small business? Do you not want to make mistake when to invest in a small business start up, till some one teaches you how to invest in a successful business? Then this article is where you come in. This is right for you. 

                  What Does The Scripture About Small Business Investment? 

1. Do not despise the small beginning, for the eyes of the Lord rejoice to see the work begin.—Zachariah 4: 10

2. The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows it is the largest of garden plants.—Mark 4:30-32

These verses are paraphrased by Caleb McAfee he authored his book titled, “More than It’s Just Business”.

                                    Why Is Small Business Important?

Small Business is important because:

It helps you to learn something you never experience before.

It will open your eyes how much you make money

It helps you handle minor challenges

It helps you plan for the next big challenges

It helps you avoid great losses if it suddenly goes wrong.

It helps you know what it works and what it does not work.

It helps you understand or test how it works.

It will save you the high cost of the thing you want to set up a business.

It indicates how humble you are and persistent you are. Blessed are those who humbly start small and persist in doing with something for they will enable to grow big.

It indicates that you have faith. Faith means obey and act on your dream or idea even if it looks impossible.

It helps you to grow gradually big if you plough your profit back into something each time you sell or produce and sell.

It shows patience and perseverance. Patience and perseverance pay off.

It indicates how much you have that you start.

                               8 Steps To Investing In A Small Business

Step 1: Determine what type of service you can proffer in exchange. Business means service rendered. Business means people one can serve or one can invest in. understand that the type of a service is the type of a gap that can be filled. Or think about what you can do to fill the gap.

Step 2: Take your paper with a pen and write it down. It is called business plan. When you find what you can fill the gap or serve people, write down who people are, what category they are, what type of needs they want to spend on daily, where can I serve them, how much I can raise, etc

Step 3: Invest in whatever you have. Start with whatever you have. Even if you have N1, start with it. It is called faith. Or carry some investors to the good spot and show them what you plan to do for business if necessary. Check on How SMEs Can Access Business Loans if necessary.

Step 4: Work meticulously. It is called a calculated or sensible risk. Understand the kind of risk before you venture into business investment. Every business investment has its own risk. You must plan it so well.

Step 5: Before you invest your sweated money in any business of your choice, you must have good technology of knowledge about business you deal with. Or acquire all the necessary knowledge of business tools. Or become under some body’s tutelage of the similar service you choose as a volunteer or apprentice. Look for some one who has succeeded in business or has skillful marketing strategies in business and offer them as a volunteer helper if necessary.

Step 6: Understand your customers well. They are the one that take care of your business through their patronage. Treat them well. Be ready to serve them no matter what. No business is worthy without customers. Be patient with them at all cost.

Handle some of them carefully if you know who they are. No matter how busy you may be, no matter how tired you may be or no matter how hard you may face in your life, never anger or insult customers. Respect them only. But don’t be too familiar to some of your customers in friendship.

Be strict with your business. Don’t sit with your friend or any person you know, gossiping for nothing while your customers are there. They need your attention. Don’t leave them long or keep them stand wait long while you busily phone or talk with other one in gossip. They want to help you with money. Attend them first no matter what or how well you know them.

Step 7: Give your customers and consumers the quality of a service or product at affordable price or wholesale price in such a way to satisfy their needs. Just give your attention to this area. Don’t just do any thing because you want to make money. Filling customers’ gaps or satisfying their needs is your top priority. Choose one or more of the customers’ daily need items and fill it.

Step 8: Choose a good location and market your service or product. Let people know about your new qualified product or that you have a service and where you locate there. Before taking your product to the location, make sure that your product has higher standards at affordable purchase.

Try to perfect the product before you market and distribute it to wholesale traders or customers and consumers. Marketing strategy is what makes you succeed in business. You make a lot of money through the power of the marketing strategy. Nothing can beat a good product.


If you are the one person who asks, “i want to invest in a small business how to invest in a small business”, this is what I show you now. If you want to build great success in business, you must start small and learn something you can build fast later. If you want to start big, start small. No acorn could be without a mustard seed.

No matter how big your capital is, start one, then two, then three, and later multiple numbers. I hope you enjoy this lesson?

How do you do it if you are the one that experienced before that you started a kobo and grew big naira? Share with me or if you don’t think any one can start small and build big because you experienced it before, share with me in the comment box below. And I am happy to listen and publish it.

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