Friday, May 18, 2018

Over Google’s 21 Different Opportunities You Don’t Use

most people are not aware of these google products and services. if you dont use some of google's services or products, you will miss this opportunity

For about Google products and services or tools Google had merged and acquired, what do you call Google? Is it called her Oracle or Search? True. You are right if you call her Searcher. They are Web-Base Search Engine.

Google is a real synonym of Search, not so? Google has more than what she has. They give away tools for free without asking you to charge for using their services or products because they want to serve high-profit advertisers on their products.

They invest heavy in business investments in which I call products or services. But most of you don’t use what they offer you free. You miss this opportunity so much unless you are a tech-savvy person. Google has many features in their list you need to know now before you can use.

How many Google products or services do you often use? May be you said you use either or both Gmail, Google Hangout, Google Plus, Google Blogger, Google Adsense, Google YouTube, Google Chrome, Google Search, Google Play Store, Google Translate, Google Image Search, Google Adwords, Google News, Google Forum, and Google Analytics.

But not all you can use it at the same time. Some of them you can use while others you may not use. According to Alexa Traffic Stat of Google, only 10 Google products most visitors often use are Google Search, Gmail. Google Translate, Google Plus, Google Adwords, Google Maps, Google Play Store, Google News, Google Drive and Google Docs.

I would like to list over some of the top Google products and services where Google bought business investments for human beings she can allow them to use for personal entertainment, for business and for transaction, etc. Just check them out and see if you like to use any of them. Choose any of the lists that fit you and sign up it.

Google Search Engine: I love it because it helps me to choose what searchers look for and what they want to do with products and service. Then I write something that offers what they look and buy it.

Google Alerts: I do not often use it because I do not understand how it works. I surely appreciate it because it alerts me who use any of my articles without my permission. I saw not more than two sites who plagiarized my very better articles to hide it from me in their own use in other place.

I do not know where they stole my articles because I want to see evidence first. If you are a blogger, webmaster, advertiser, Amazon publisher or author, you need to sign it with your Gmail address and see who imitates your content or article or brand.

Google Finances: I confess that I do not use it for many years. I am not aware of this opportunity I can use for information. But if you want to know what happens around the globe, may be if you wan to know about finance news, may be if you want to analyze some companies’ financial report, may be if you want to buy and sell either bitcoin, stocks or penny stocks, communities, Forex currencies, you need to take advantage of this offer for free like Yahoo Finance.

Google My Business: Why I love this offer is because if you want to appear your site in the 2nd or 3rd rank daily, you need to sign it up. But it requires your daily updates in short information for publishing. If you fail to update the summarized post for your blog regularly, Google will degrade it from searchers on your blog.

That is why Google tried her best to encourage me to update it with images daily because I understand she wanted to serve high-payment advertisers on my blog if I want to make money seriously in which I do not take serious because of airtime I buy from Cybercafé.

Google Plus: If you want to build great audiences, grow a great number of traffic, get backlinks to your site daily or sell your writing skills, you need it for your business. That is where I received a message from a white man, asking me if I could write article per $10 for him on my blog in which I politely refused because of PayPal he wanted to pay.

Google Play Music: I do not know I can use it. I am hard of hearing. I am not sure I can use it profitably I invest in. if you love songs or you want to play music you can share with million subscribers or you want to access those songs you love on your smart phone, you can use it for your personal entertainment or your artistic business.

Google YouTube: I know you may use it because you often watch videos on UEFA, World Cup, Wrestle, Comedy, Instructions, local or global news, etc or share some of them with your friends on Facebook, etc. 

But if you want to make back links to your site, if you want to make money selling physical or digital products or service, if you want to sell affiliate link, if you want to make money from YouTube as a Partner, I recommend you to use it. I make little cents for the first time through this free partnership. There are more than million people who watch it attractively.

Google Shopping: As I look at Google shopping, I know how great this advantage is. If you want to make money selling appliances, accessories, official supplies, tech products, and or fashion items as a affiliate or if you want to buy and sell items offline or online, you need to use it to know what type of products merchants carry out, what people look for and what is the new product you never know before. Thank Google for new establishment.

Google Analytics: As I looked at Minterest’s image on percentage most visitors use Google, I found none of them use Google Analytic. What a miss it is! If you want to make money as an advertiser, a publisher, blogger, webmaster, or a dropshipper, you need to use this opportunity to know what type of content or page most people visit and where they come from and what make them stay with or leave your site or page and then plan with it.

That is where I was sent to know the behavior of my readers on my blog and I understand why they want that one or more pages. Then I plan to sell it on my blog. Thank Google for this new technology.

Google Local Business: If you want to sell your products or service to your own geographical place or if you want your business to be listed within your local home, I recommend you use it because they will help you make customers find your site online.

Google Chromecast: I don’t hear it before. I don’t use it before. If you want to stream your favorite entertainment like music or movies from your smart phone or tablet to the TV, go and use it.

Google AdWords: Use it to grow your business. You can not make money from Adsense alone. You need Adwords to advertise your site to people each time you post on your blog. The more you spend on Adwords, the higher you make money from Adsense.

Google Hangouts: A white woman from America told me on Google+ that if you want me to chat with you on Whatsapp, use Google Hangouts to chat with me. I don’t have time for whatsapp. That is what I know it. I never hear it till I know it. If you want to build a strong relationship, use google hangouts to chat with pals for business.

Google Trends Or Google Search Insights: If I want to become a blogger, or webmaster, I will use Google trends to know what topics or type of interest the world look for. I do not want to waste my time in case that the worlds don’t look what I offer. If I want to buy domain name or sell products, I will use insights to know what the world is searching. It will save my time.

Android Pay: Do you want to make payment for something with your Android phone? Use it because it is simple and secure. 


There are more than I can explain to you on Google products and services list. But if you want to know more lists Google offer, I recommend you to check it out on Google Products or on List of Google Products. But I don’t know they can explain to you deeper than that article.

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