Friday, April 13, 2018

What Business Can I Do To Start In Nigeria For 2018

find out yourself what you can do in nigeria and make money daily on your ideas. Asking people for business ideas will fail your business. Find who you and from where you want to be and when you want to be.

What business can i do in Nigeria? What is the best business to start in Nigeria for 2018; what type of business should i start quiz (or test); what is a good business to start these days; what business can i start with 500000 naira, what business can i start with 10k, what business can i with 5000 naira, Etc.

That is what some among Nigerians even outside this country want to know it. Are you the only one that asks a question, what business can i do in Nigeria?

Do you want to know it? Do you want me to give you some of the best lucrative businesses you can start with and make thousands daily? Then this post will be shared to you some of the lessons that help you to achieve your aim. The following lessons are here:

        Why Was Jonathan Michael’s Fingers Burnt and How Can You Avoid it?

He went to the vendor and picked up a local newspaper. And he glanced through till he came across one of the columns that interested him on Stock To Watch. Then he called the stock columnist and asked him what stock I could invest in that could make me N3 million.

So the columnist gave him 6 stocks to pick it himself. But out of his greed, Jonathan asked him again, please tell me which of the six stocks are best that could make me N3million.

Then the columnist told him to buy hot two stocks out of the six stocks. And Jonathan did it out of his excitation. He bought two stocks with N200,000 each at N7 and N10 per share separately.

But a few days later that day, Jonathan curiously noticed how far the two stocks were he bought by reading it in the local business newspaper on the Stock Market Report.

But to his shock, share prices of the two stocks had fallen down to N3 and N5. He did not believe it. So he called the columnist and asked him what happened to these stocks and why its share prices depreciated quickly.

But he was told not to worry about it and convinced of the soon recovery in a few weeks. But worse than that, he tried to call the columnist as he saw share prices of the picked stocks still went down.

And as soon as he found that the columnist’s phone was switched off, he was desperate and worried, blaming him for the responsibility for his condition. This story is a lesson to each of you who care to read this because it compares with the question you ask people for business.

The smart stock columnist escaped from being gotten his fingers burnt because he knew what happened to stocks and why their shares prices crushed. He was more knowable about the risk of the stock market than Jonathan. It is familiar to business.

It compares with business because it has its own risk. As every stock has its own risk, so every business has its own risk. If you enter the world of entrepreneurship or business, you must be a good solider of knowledge and you must be a good risk taker.

Never canvass people for the idea you want to do in Nigeria. Ask inside yourself. If you try to ask people what business you can do to start in Nigeria, you will lose every thing like Jonathan lost everything he had.

                 How Successful Entrepreneurs Do It And You Too Can

Let me share with you other two true stories briefly. Samuel Gordon, the former cassettes-dubbing business owner, never knew much about printing/ copier business because he himself was not a computer engineer. He did not ask his wife what type of business he could start. He asked himself what he could do for him and his family.

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When he tried to imagine what type of business he could do for himself, God opened his eyes to see what he could put his hand into another business that could yield financial returns through his wife who offered him when she saw why people still bothered her when they know that they (Samuel and his wife) did not have photocopy service on their own shop. That is where he started small on the same shop and grew multiple millions of naira in 2 years.

Secondly, another widow, Comfort Ogooluwa, did not have passion for bean cake (Akara) business because she did not hope it. But as soon as she found that hawking biscuit business was not good for her because of its hazards, she started thinking what other business she wanted to start small and build a business on her own, rather than menial job.

When she thought, her mind was opened to see an opportunity where an Igbo akara hawker passed by her. And then she obeyed by taking that offer when she heard inside voice who said, Go and start this same business. That is where she started small and built every thing through business.

The Scripture said in Matthew 6:33: “But seek ye the kingdom of God (inquire Him about business idea you want to start on your own), and His righteousness; and all these things (good house, good car, good clothes, good foods, etc shall be added to you through business God provides what you ask) shall be added unto you”.


According to late Bishop Benson Idahosa, “when you think, God will provide it for you”. And again he said, “when a man purposes, God will perform it”. Many top Nigerian business emperors or Nigerian moguls never go around from one place to another place, asking people what business can i do in Nigeria? Or which business can i start with? before they start business and grow. They ask inside themselves what can i do to benefit myself, what type of wholesale business can i start or how can i finance my project; or how can I start?

That is where they find fresh business ideas that they can start and prosper. Business can make you rich. But it does not guarantee your success if you try to ask people what business can I start small. I hope you benefit this lesson? Spread this lesson to others on social media sites or forum. No plagiarism please.

Stay tune with me next week by God’s grace.

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