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28 Entrepreneurial Quotes To Inspire You To Start A Lucrative Business In Nigeria

entrepreneurial quotes that can inspire you to walk by starting a business in nigeria

Most business bloggers teach you about starting a business; steps to starting a business; about starting a business in Nigeria; about starting a company; how do i start a business or what do i need to start a business. But I will teach you about entrepreneurial quotes or starting a business quotes that will inspire you to walk by starting a business in Nigeria.

The inspirational quotes compiled from most successful business emperors, mogul or any other person are powerful words that can transition you into successful business. Go and enjoy those here for your personal successful entrepreneur of your own.

1. People trust you when you are a person of integrity and competence. If you are a person of exceptional competence but lack integrity, people will not trust you.—Praise George.

2. The foundation of all successes must start from the mind.—Ayo Olanrewaju Benson.

3. Challenges and obstacles are part of the credentials for success.—Author Unknown.

4. Business is not what you sell, but how you sell.—Stephen Afolabi

5. To really succeed and be happy, you have to do what you enjoy.—Walt Disney.

6. If you have the courage to look at failure this way, then you are on your way to eventual success. Someone who is afraid of failure and afraid to face challenges will never taste success.—Kim Woo Choon

7. If you can’t identify that guy (your competitor), you can not manage your risks.—Bunmi Jembola.

8. Investment is not risk, but ignorance about business you want to start is risk.—Oluwamuyiwa Olusanya

9. The secret of success is to assist others. If you can not serve people, you can not succeed. But if you want to succeed, you must serve them.—Oluwamyiwa Olusanya

10. To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big. In the journey of entrepreneurship, tenacity of purpose is supreme. –Aliko Dangote.

12. You may have some innate ability to run a business, but you will surely do better if you attend this training and gain proven knowledge to run your business successfully.--Lisa Ijeoma.

13. There is no short cut to success. No business without hitches. – Author unknown.

14. I do not care what product I should select to sell. I do not care how much I like the product. I do not care what type of business I should start and build. But I can select any business that I can start and build a great wealth is my mentality marketing skills. --Oluwamuyiwa Olusanya

15. Business is a team sport. Investing is a team sport. If you don’t play the game as a team, you’ll soon be out of it. –Robert Kiyosaki

16. Money follows those who manage it.—Oluwamuyiwa Olusanya

17. Sticking to one type of business without diversification is risky.—Author Unknown.

18. It is easier to “hire attitude” and “train skill” than to “hire skill” and try to change attitude.—John Grogan

19. When Dale Carnegie died, he called his Estate and advised him to write on the tombstone: Here is a man who employed people who are smarter than him to build his wealth.—Author Unknown

20. To make your customers loyal to you over your competitors daily, give them quality products at cheaper price.—Oluwamuyiwa Olusanya.

21. Build a brand—don’t destroy it. — Aliko Dangote.

22. A learning man is a winning man.—A wise man

23. To succeed in life, you must have a goal, something you want to achieve. If you plan and work hard toward it, with God’s help, you will be there. — Samuel Adedoyin.

24. When a society has given you something, you must give back to the society.— Chris Alabi.

25. If you wish to achieve success, change your attitude as you approach your next business venture. That is where change is a million of dollar worth to you.—O.Olusanya

26. Partnerships are not the easiest form of business unless you develop a large heart among the partners.—Chris Alabi.

27. Just going into any business for yourself is not a sure-fire way to achieve wealth.—Brian Sher.

28. If you want to become a billionaire, don’t trade—manufacture.—Oluwamuyiwa Olusanya.


Those inspired quotes can help you achieve your aim if you apply it into your personal practice on your business. Any person who wants to know about starting a business in Nigeria should learn these quotes by heart.

They are your guides on starting a lucrative business. Read and understand why they say and what they go through and apply them for your personal successful business.

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