Monday, April 30, 2018

20 businesses You Never Know Before In 2018--Part 2

5. Okrika Business Opportunity: For Okrika, it means imported second-hand clothes or fairly used clothes or shoes. Do you know why smart Ibo merchants prefer okrika business? Do you know why most low/or middle-class customers prefer Okrika clothes/shoes to Boutique? If you go to the popular Advans La-fayette at Dugbe or Challenge, you will know how hot this business is.

It can make you rich if you walk in as Okrika trader. You can source imported okrika clothes or shoes at Tin Can Island in Lagos, Aba, Onitsha, Anakara, Badagry and or Cotonous if you want. Check Women’s clothing and accessories as an importer. It is hot you need not to ignore this offer at lowest price

6. Consumer Electronics Business Opportunity: If you love this business and you want to do it for money, you can do it either as a major distributor or wholesaler because I see how profitable it is when I visited at the popular Ogunpa Market and they are full of consumer electronics appliances or gadgets any where. 

Why? Consumers need it for joy, office, home on their new wedding, (new) business, new movement, cookery, replace-damaged appliances. So you need to have financial strengthen for big business.

7. Motor Vehicle or Spare-Parts Accessories Business Opportunity: I was surprised how faster my neigbour made profit buying and selling imported motor spare-parts as a distributor because he said he would buy a good car for his personal use. He has a flat at Oluyole estate, Ring-Road.

Where does he find money to buy car and rent a good flat because he planned to wed soon? He is younger than me. What a wonder it is!. If you know where you can get those spare parts and or vehicle accessories at cheap price, you can make fast turnover from this business because most motor customers prefer second-hand imported spare-parts or vehicle accessories.

8. Beauty And Health Business Opportunity: Most customers love spending money on beauty/health products such as cream body, skincare soaps, make up, toothpaste, perfume, etc for their personal use daily. Check beauty and health products at shop mall online as an example. It is all sorts of beauty and health products for both ladies and men. It can make you so rich if you venture into this business as a minor/major distributor or wholesaler.

9. Auto Auction Business Opportunity: It is called Tokunbo or used car or damaged cars. Even if you are not an auto dealer, you can make huge fortune if you interest this opportunity. You can do it as an auto importer or international bidder. You can buy damaged car(s) from America or Canada, repaired it and resell it at your home. Or you can buy and sell used cars at cheapest rate and resell for dirty profit.

10. Digital Marketing Business Opportunity: You may not know the power of the digital marketing business opportunity. Some among smart digital marketers make a lot of money from internet business. They sell website design, programming, software development, domain registration, website hosting, mobile app application, bulk sms, e-design branding, online consulting, training/seminar, traffic software, etc. That is called digital marketing. This is hot. It can make you lucrative every day if you choose any kind of that digital market and focus on it.

11. Cybercafé Or Internet Service Opportunity: Most people access the internet on their phones. But do you know you can make money every day selling data monthly subscriptions? Do you know you can make good profit monthly selling Jamb applications, etc on your cybercafé service? Then you need to have a good system, ISP and Printer.

12. Operating Capitalist Opportunity: Most capitalists enjoy monthly or yearly profit sharing through their investment in existing businesses. If you are a real capitalist, you can look for opportunity where education school premises, FMCG companies, tech companies offer investment opportunity on their advertisement in any newspaper you read and invest in their business for sharing profits.

But do it yourself on research carefully. You must know of the language of their financial statement and understand their product or service so well before investing millions in their hot businesses on sharing profit. You must have good negotiation with them. You must have a lawyer and accountant that protect your capital.

13. ABC Transport Business Opportunity: Most passengers need conveying or plying service. They need transportation service daily. That gives you an opportunity to walk in as an investor or as a transport business officer. That can make you so rich. 

That is why corporate companies look around to offer loan free on transport business or invest in transportation business. I can not explain how lucrative this business is. Just see it yourself. Don’t be in hurry. Just research which one of the traffic –junction cities is hotter before you walk in.

14. Wholesale Distributor Business Opportunity: Are you retiree? Are you a graduate, but still jobless? Are you thinking of your own business rather than looking for a job? Do you want to make money everyday trading? This business is better for you. It involves brewery, soft drinks, processing foods, crude oil, foodstuffs, cosmetics/beauty products, detergent and soap products, etc you can become a successful distributor you choose according to what you want.

15. Caretaker Business Opportunity: One of my caretakers makes money selling commission on monthly tenancy daily for their landlords or landladies and they still sell commission on land for their investors. They employ agents any where in their own cities. They have estate lawyers that they will sue court if you try stubbornness or cheat their landlords. They are so rich because they have many landlords/landladies any where in the city they work with.

16. Manufacturing Business Opportunity: Aliko Dangote was quoted to say, don’t trade—manufacture. Choose any product that consumers want to spend money on daily and manufacture them at high standards with cheapest price.

17. Seminar or Consulting (Tutorial) Business Opportunity:

18. Agric Commercial Business Opportunity:

19. School Business Opportunity:

20. Agency Business Opportunity:


I offer you hot business opportunities, but you decide to choose any business above to start according to your passion or ability. Those 20 businesses to start are the best I can ever offer you. But you make your decision yourself.

If you find any business that you interest, but you do not know what to do or how to do it, then I proffer you to go for training. Okay? I hope you enjoy this tutorial? If you like this lesson, then spread this link any where on forums, social media sites, etc. No spam. No plagiarism please

Stay tune with me for more updates on business, etc next week.

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