Monday, January 22, 2018

Top 5 Ways You Can Start Adding Feathers To Your Investment Property Nest


In last time in this month, I released the title of a lesson, “Guides To Becoming A Property Investor And Creating Passive Income” on my blog. But today I would like to release another lesson here in this article. The title of this lesson is “How to Add Feathers To Your Investment Property Nest”. Let me share with you about how foolish he made when it comes to an investment property market.

To his low knowledge about property opportunity, he was encouraged by his pastoral friend to buy one plot in the undeveloped area at cheap price in the so far place in this country. And he shrugged his friend’s offer for future emergency because the pastoral friend had owned a great land for his family. But he accepted it by buying the plot for N50,000 instead of N200,000 because of his lateness.

So later today in 2010, he decided to sell the plot because he did not need it. But he was surprised how he made N400,000 returns on his investment for the first time. Then he explained to me how he made money selling the undeveloped plot.

But I laughed how foolish he was because he kept secrets from me and then explained how this investment worked because I often read in the newspaper and other books before. At this, he regretted selling it, saying if I had known, I would not sell till the undeveloped areas became developed. The truth is that he would make N 5 up to N10 million if he asked me if he could sell. 

He tried, but he gave up because he was cheated two or three times by fake plot sellers. But if you want to find a real estate broker or developer in Lagos, Nigeria that you want to buy and sell incomplete properties for over 500% profit or you want to buy for N750,000 or N2.5 million and sell over 500% profit in the future when Dangote Refinary will plan to commence operations by 2020, I recommend you to call my estate friend developer or broker on 08069703441.   

If you want to make participation in your investment property opportunity, you must be trained to see opportunity. You must know much about real estate investment opportunity before you invest in property market to make your feathers great to your investing nest.

I read in the local newspaper several years ago that one man in Lagos who moved to the landlord’s house as a new tenant saw that his landlord at 20s ate and slept every day as if he never went to work.

Then he asked his co-tenant who stayed here as a tenant for many years that our landlord was so younger at 20s, and we were older than him, but why he did not go to work. Then the old tenant told him that our landlord had many buildings some where in city so that he didn’t work for money. He just ate and slept because all tenants worked for him. At this, the new tenant angrily planned to own a plot.

You know that a decent number of the world’s richest people build their wealth through the power of real estate market. They make themselves wealth through different ways such as commercial outlets, residential accommodation, land speculation, property companies, flipping house, etc.

You can build a solid wealth base if you apply knowledge of the property market. No matter how global recession is, real estate will remain a strong and profitable (and some times it will rank the highest lucrative) if you apply basic rules of prudent investment.

Now let share with you 4 different ways you could play in the property market.

Way 1: Let/Lease: Do you have land any where in your city that you don’t use because of your holed pocket that you can not build? Then I have good news for you. You can use Let/Lease to sell monthly/ annually to churches, companies, block/concrete makers, gardeners, mechanics, primary/nurse schools, etc in your empty space or your obsolete buildings.

Way 2: Car Parking Space: Most landlords never build anything on their empty plots because they make more money per day from car parking lot daily than average apartments. You can earn money from either international wholesalers, food traders, car-parking customers, etc daily if your property is located in commercial environment that people want to use for park or business. For example, how much you make money in 20 days if you sell N100 per park or N50 per toilet in the high commercial environment?

Way 3: Foreclosures: Some most beautiful houses with domestic materials should be seized for the failure of the property owners’ monthly payments on their mortgages or loan bank for business, or buying shares, etc and converted into foreclosures for sale. That is where you come in if you can buy a wholesale property from mortgage bankers for residential rent.

Way 4: Dilapidated Structures: Some churches, banks, companies, businessmen, schools, hospital will look around in the high-traffic areas (or in the community if it is only for church or school or hospital,) to buy fairly worn or dilapidated structures and renovate them. If you have an old or worn building any where that you abandon or yield for another new house or that your parent or grandparent left inheritance to their children, you can sell it to them through real estate agent and make millions, depending on bargain price.

Way 5: Residential Single Family Accommodation: Rich landlords build even more single family units in one house or more houses or one place whereas poor landlords build only a few units or face-to-face units. No matter inflation goes up in the years to come, you can not increase monthly rent if you build face-to-face units special single family units.

I hope you enjoy this lesson, how to add feathers to your investment property nest? What do you think if you read it above? Drop your comment here in the comment box or subscribe to my newsletter above at the right sidebar. But remember no spam please, otherwise you will be wasted your time.

Happy property investor!

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