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How I Make N5000 Daily From Naira Network Business And You Too Can

sign up now and earn N 5000 online weekly daily as a referer

Do you want to know how I make N5000 from naira Network business? Do you want to know how you can invest N1000 in Naira network business and make N5000 weekly or monthly daily like me? Here is what I would like to share with you now. How did I do it?

For example, once you register N1000 sign up as an upgraded pro member and whatever friends register this network opportunity under your sponsor identity username, you will earn 50% commission per person each on their N1000 registration. It means you will earn N500 per person each.

That is how I did it. I earned N5000 three times daily into my local account I introduced my friends, subscribers, readers, etc to this referral network business opportunity through the power of Whatsapp, youtube, and facebook, handbills and seminar. That is my luck. And you too can if you follow this tip. That is so easy because you know most people can afford to invest N1000 in. It is cheaper for people to afford it.

                             What is Cool Naira Network Business About?

Cool Naira Network, made in March, 2016 for Nigerians’ benefits equally such as bloggers, students, job seekers, graduates, house wives, etc who want to earn money online daily, by Founder, Paul Samson, under the auspices of G-Cyber Technologies registered under Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC, 2453653), is a Uni-level MLM network where you can participate in as a member for daily commission on your referral link, with an investment of at least a minimum of N1000 product package.

When you introduce people about this investment opportunity under your referral link or your username, and they make a purchase of the same amount of the product package by registering this as an upgraded pro member, you will earn 50% commission per person each.

That is how I do it. I make a lot of money and still make money with this opportunity in the long run. This is different from other fake or fraudulent programs where they promise members. By this, I guaranteed you can actually become a millionaire if you really know what you are doing. I will show you how you do it.

                        How Does Cool Naira Network Opportunity Work?

I love this question. Thank you for this question because you want to know it. Every member earns 50% commission equally under their own down lines. Whoever purchases virtual digital packages from that opportunity under your own referral link or username, you will earn N500 per person each as a sponsor or upliner and whoever purchase that product package under the member’s referral link you referred him or her last time, that sponsor or upliner or member will earn N500 per member or 50% commission per member equally daily. That is how it works.

Once you join this network opportunity as a free member and introduce 2 people or more, depending on how skillful you are, to this cool Naira Network platform online under you as a pro member you made payment for the product package, you earn commissions from all your down lines in Level 1, Level 2, etc.

That is how it works. You earn 50% not only on your direct referral link, but also 10% on your indirect referral link under you. That is so easy. When you earn money, you will be paid directly into your local bank account daily if you give your bank details you want to withdraw from your cool naira account. That is how I do it. Try and see yourself.

There are three different packs I want to share with you on daily commission. The three packs are: Premium Pack. Deluxe Pack. Apex Pack. The first pack is that when you purchase that Premium Pack, you will earn commission from whomever purchased the Premium Pack under you.

Even if you are on a lower package, and any member upgrades to the higher package, you will earn commission attached to the package you purchased. The second pack is that even if you purchase a Deluxe pack, you will earn commissions from both Deluxe Pack and Premium Pack purchased under you. What excitement it is! What are you doing? Would you like to leave this opportunity? Take advantage of this investment opportunity now. Don’t wait.

The last pack, that once you purchase an Apex Pack, you will have power to earn commission from all three packages purchased under you. What excitement? Will you not like to participate in this opportunity?

                                       How Can I Join This Opportunity?

Step 1: Join this investment Naira Network opportunity by clicking on “Registration” . But don't be fooled if you notice this word like this: Get N1000 sign up bonus FREE because you won't earn your N1000 back on 50% daily even if people buy their package from your down lines unless you buy your either package first.

Step 2: Then fill this Registration Form online with your personal details such as name, surname, valid email address, username, etc. But make sure you have a sponsor on this registration you are introduced to this Cool Naira Network Opportunity. Don’t try to edit or touch or remove it from whom you are introduced to by in this blog if your sponsor is suddenly appeared automatically. Bing is your sponsor.

Step 3: After completing this form online you fill, then log in to your account with your username and password at the header above without noticing your inbox email for the confirmation.

Step 4: Then follow the details on your dashboard where you can have full access to the features on this site.

Step 5: Then purchase your Premium Pack with N1000 if your account become active.

Step 6: Follow the instructions on payment for Premium pack. They will tell you how to make payment. Once your payment is confirmed, then click on “Promotional Centre” in order to get your unique referral link.

Step 7: Use your referral link to get members register under you.

Step 8: Once you have two or more members under you, go and click on the Withdrawal link to withdraw your earnings to your local bank account. You need to provide your bank account details so that you can be paid to your local bank account.

Step 9: Click on the Statistics link to notice how far your earnings and member views are in your downline.

Step 10: Once your earnings have a sign of gradual growth in your downline and you want more earnings from both Premium Pack and Deluxe Pack, click on the withdrawal link in order to buy Deluxe Pack after withdrawing your earnings if you don’t have money to pay for Deluxe Pack. Then click to buy Apex Pack once you have grow your earnings in your downline because you want to earn all from three Packs purchased by members in your downline.

Step 11: Once your earnings grow gradually in your downline, you can access Bonus for your benefits. Or you can access bonus by clicking on the Bonus Link for your benefit if you make a purchase of Premium pack.


To grow multiple millions from all the three Packs in your downline begins with a single step of N1000 investment if you don’t have N10,000 to buy Apex Pack. That is where I start with. I use the leverage to lever my earnings in my downlines. Try and see yourself. To make money online daily or earn money online daily from a website is to start with N1000.

It is called a single step. If you want to know how you can make money online with 1000 naira, I recommend you to join this Cool Naira Network Opportunity. If you want to earn N1000 daily, I recommend you this legitimate opportunity because you can earn N500 per member two times a day daily if you really know what you are doing. Let us build this opportunity together up.

Happy Upliner.                                

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