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How To Triple Your Turnover From Investing $ 1000 In The Market

Making profit fast investing in business and investment ideas

For different ways to invest to earn double or triple, remember investment is a risk only meant for sophisticated or well-educated investors. There is no investment without a level of risk taking. If you want a fast turnover from your investment, you must be ready to take risk by training your brain to see opportunities.
The riskier of the investment, the higher of the returns. Remember that this page is not taught to you about how to invest with fast profit in which bloggers do it. It is just taught you about different ways to invest for total idiots. Are you ready to learn this lesson? Here is what this page shows you. It is just let you know how people get so rich through these investments I want to reveal to you. Okay?

Way # 1: Private Placements: This placement is a true goldmine. If you buy into that placement and they suddenly list on the Stock Exchange after a few years, you will go home full of millions even billions if you invest so heavy. 

But remember this is a risk if they suddenly fail to list on Stock Exchange because you can not sell shares to the public rat race for billions if they still delay enlisting on.

Way # 2: Primary Market: This is what I love because it makes you rich faster if they go to the stock market with public offers at discount or penny stock. You buy when they soon plan for public offers or initial public offers and you sell fortunately when they close public registrations by listing on the Stock Exchange.

Way # 3: Buy Low And Sell High: Rich discerning Investors buy low or high because they know why they buy that. Poor Ignorant investors buy because of what they see or hear. If you are going to earn fast turnover, you must know why you buy that.

Way # 4: Property Investment: What a joke! Robert Allen was quoted to say, ‘Real estate is the poor person’s millionaire maker’. I don’t think it can make you poor Remember Trump? Smart property investors begin building wealth through property investment.

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If you invest $1000 in undeveloped place and wait till it becomes developed, you can sell it for $200,000 or $1 million. Real estate is a no-brainer as quoted from Robert Allen.

Way # 5: Penny Stock Investment: Imaging if you had invested $ 1000 in that stock, EPWW for 0.09 per share and it moved to $8 per share within 4 month ago, you would have made almost $88,000 in triple if you sold it.

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For Nigeria, if you invest N200,000 in Fort Oil Plc for N18 per share in 2014/15 and it moved to N250 per share in 2016 after financial recovery, you will make N2.7million in 2016. But remember it is a risk unless you do your own research well. Robert was quoted to put this article: ‘Penny is a stack of million pennies. Pick up that penny and invest it immediately’. Warrant Buffet and other sophisticated investors become billionaire through this investment.

Way # 6: T-Bills Investment: You may not like treasury bills because they give you peanuts. But Governors, senators, representatives, accredited discerning investors, tycoons, etc are still happy because it can make them so faster turnover if they invest so heavy. 

For example, if you invest $20 million in T-bills at 3-5%, how much do you profit if you are paid two times a year? It is similar to municipal market. Mj De Mecco was quoted to put this article: “One dollar has the power to give you a nickel of passive income for life”

Way # 7: Binary Option Investment: I think this option trading may be better than forex trading. But if you are well-trained or you know much about stocks, commodities, exchange currencies and index marketing, you can beat the market as a predictor. You need to be a famous bettor in choice either. 

Option can make you quick profit if you are good at analysis. Knowing when and when not to; what day you should trade and what you should not trade is what matters.

Way # 8: TLCS Investments: This investment is like Treasury bills and municipal bonds. But it may be little different. It is called Tax liens. If you invest in liens with any amount, you pay taxes to government for some one else’s property and you have right to collect high percentage penalty fees from taxpayers on real estate, etc given by the government if they pay taxes later. 

People earn fast money through this new idea. I do not know it much. I do not hear it much. It may be only for America. It keeps secrets to some investors in America. I do not often read it any where on the internet especial an American book I bought that opened my eyes. I think we may not have that type in Nigeria.

Way # 9: Business Asset Investment: The easiest way to get rich is to build your own business asset. Select any business valuable to someone else and build it. It will help you to make money every day. Many people become billionaire through this investment.

May be there are other more different ways to invest to earn fast turnover. But I choose only a few I know best to share with you in this lesson. If you know where there is another way to make quick money with low investment, share with me here in this comment box. Show me how you invested with fast profit. How do you do? What type of investment do you experience good or bad?

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