Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Top 6 Palm Oil Business Opportunities In Nigeria To Start Small And Grow Big


                                                                          Palm Oil Trading

Reddi?! Who are they? Reddi is what I call Redditors whom I join as a member to learn in exchange via comments and some times I submit link there. I love Reddittors and nairalanders so much. I read it on comments so much. Are you a nairalander or redditor? Do you want to know what business you can do to lay your hand to prosper? Then this page is what you look for. 
What irony! How ignorant our country was! Malaysians humbly came to Nigeria, proffering them with technologies in production for the palm plantation. They pretended by helping Nigeria with it, refusing to tell them how this plantation could strengthen her economy, once they heard that Nigeria had great palm seedlings and they might not know about this opportunity.

Once Malaysians got palm fruit seedlings from Nigeria for free, they took it home for building great business. They are now one of the largest producers in the world. Malaysia is now an exporter of Nigeria in trading. What shame! If Malaysians could depend on this product as there is economic backbone, then you can imagine the amount of revenue in palm oil trading plantation. 

I wish Malaysia should be our country’s importer. But remember Nigeria did not have plantation technology as they had. That is where Malaysia took advantage of this country’s ignorance. Palm oil is the most essential source for the economic growth. It could be everything from fruit to the palm front.

Now let me process with this lesson, how you can trade palm oil for dirty business. There are some ways you can make high percentage profit on your investment in trading business.

Way 1: Becoming A Palm Kernel Nut Supplier For Industries

Industries or companies need nuts for products in different purposes. So you can supply them with tons in full you farm or buy in bulk. And you need to get LPO from them. I don’t know if you can get the LPO from them.

Way 2: Becoming a Palm Oil Producer

You can get a consignment from farmers, extract fruits out of this manually or automatically and package it into keg(s) for sale in bulk at wholesale.

Way 3: Becoming a Palm Oil Farmer

You can farm palm seedlings in great land and supply nuts to buyers or send farmers to work for you. Or you can farm, produce it in process and supply it to customers for business or consumption.

Way 4: Becoming a Palm Oil Exporter.

You can buy in bulk at cheap price and sell it to foreigners in bottles or magnums for dirty business, depending on currency exchange. Remember you need to be well trained. It is not easy unless you are trained well. It can make you a rich exporter. Remember I am not an exporter. I do not want to teach you what I do not practice it.

Way 5: Becoming A Local Palm Oil Trader

You can buy and resell it to people in business as a retailer or wholesaler.

Way 6: Becoming A Major Distributor For Palm Oil Companies

We have Nigerian palm oil companies; we have Malaysian palm oil companies and maybe we have another Indonesian palm oil companies. And you can make more than 400% profit on your investment daily working for major palm oil manufacturers as a major/minor distributor.

Any person such as a university/ college student, teacher, employee, retiree, etc can make good money daily through palm oil trading business they lay their hands on either small or large, depending on their financial strength. Stop looking for white collar job, looking for dirty business through this business as a job creator.

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