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How Palm Kernel Oil Business In Nigeria Fetches You Millions In 2019

to trade palm oil and make good profit every day as a major distributor

                                                             Palm Oil Investment

Do you want to make money fast? Do you want to make steady income daily? Then this page is where you look for. Palm oil investment in production is what makes you rich, a gold miner and a really honey pot. Let me process with this lesson.

                                         What is palm oil?

Palm oil Nigeria is extracted from a fruit which grows in bunches on a type of tree, found in the Eastern and the Mid-western states. The export production is made up of the oil and the kernel. The palm oil trading is the most popular edible fat in Nigeria and it is the basis of soap and margarine factories. It is used in manufacturing of pomade and medication. And also palm oil Nigeria production has become an essential source of revenue in Nigeria since 1960’s.

                             Is Palm Oil Business Lucrative?

Yes. Why not? Since you and I often use palm oil for consumption at home, at canteen, restaurant, at party, at production, this business opportunity is a real goldmine or lucrative business. I don’t know if consumers and or producers can do anything in cooking or manufacturing without palm oil. 

Palm oil refining and production has in the recent become profitable business in Nigeria. Palm tree is one of the most economical plants in the world. Everything in palm tree is a real money spinner, gold miner, from fruit to the palm front. Frankly, everything about palm tree you invest in for process or milling or trading business brings you such wealth. Yes. Believe me.

Remember Okomu Palm Oil Plc? Remember Presco Palm Oil Plc? If you had invested in them on between N14 per share and N6 per share irrespectively in 2009 for 7 or 8 years now, you would have gone home full of millions in bags now because they are now N68 and N66 per share. 

Just check stock report in any local newspaper. It indicates how essential a community found in every home, restaurant, hotel, eateries, etc and even in processing or milling palm oil companies palm oil food is. 

Just as raw food is important to every human being according to my sales on Palm Oil Food Wealth Business, so is palm oil food is one the essential nutrients needed in making food edible for daily consumption and production. Expert says 24 out of Nigeria’s 36 states have cultivated land for oil palm industry.

The oil palm industry just likes its petroleum counterpart has the upstream and downstream sectors where both government and the organized private sector can invest in. The oil palm tree is one of the greatest economic assets a state or nation has, only if its importance is realized and potential fully harnessed. 

Oil palm products include only three oils: Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Cake And Palm Kernel Oil which can be processed into different products such as ice cream, margarine, coating, etc. This opportunity is a real goldmine I ever know. It can make you gold miner if you readily take a risk.

                        Can I Start Palm Oil Business With N500,000?

I don’t know if you can start this business with N 500,000. Even if you say can I start this business with N50, 000?, I still don’t know unless you apply writing business plan or feasibility report. Starting palm oil business marketing with any investment without writing feasibility report or business plan is such risk. That is why I say I don’t know. I refuse to tell you whether you can start with N500, 000 or not.

Where your investment goes out and comes in and how much you spend and profit will save you from loss in business, as I received message from an Imo man, asking me to help him in teaching how to avoid unnecessary expenditures on palm oil business he bought and resold in Akwa Ibom State. 

As my long experience, I never say either yes or no. What I can suggest you a solution are to start with proposed business plan that will help you to estimate between profit and expenses or help you to reduce expenses or help you plan successful in starting business.

                 How To Become A Gold Miner Investing In Palm Oil Market

Step 1: Determine what level you want to operate. Be it major distributor for palm oil companies. Be it a merchant (buy and resell business). Be it a farming cultivator or be it a milling processor. It depends on your financial power or your interest.

Step 2: Test how much you want to be ready for the operation in investment by writing business plan. How much you spending and whom you selling will help you prosper in what you lay your hand on business.

Step 3: Go and look around where you can get started or where you can spend to acquire.

Step 4: Start operating there by investing in hot opportunity and make profit daily from palm oil investment.

What does this lesson benefit you? How do you experience as you went into this business? Share with me in this comment box below. Do you like this lesson? Please spread this lesson to other readers on social media sites.

Happy Ownprenenur!

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