Thursday, November 2, 2017

You Need To Know What Binary Options Really Is Before Trading Options

it is important that every binary investor need to know what  binary options are  and how binary option works

                                           What are binary options?

Welcome to this tutorial. Do you want to know more about what binary options really means and how it works? Then this lesson, Investment4Business shows you not only these question in definition, but also others you need to know more about binary trading in another lessons in two.

                             What Does Binary Options really definite? 

For one binary, it means that something is made of or based on two things, two sides or two parts as. That is what I read it in the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition. But for options, optio, according to Latin or French language, means free choice either. So now, for English language, an option means freedom of choice either or power or right to choose either or no compulsion either.

Now, you have freedom to choose either. Nobody can compel or enforce you to choose either. Somebody offers you two things and you decide it either according to your belief or your inner direction. That is what I call it binary option. Do you get me? Good!

Let me explain what binary options really mean. For contracts in trading, you call a person who had a property they want to sell for $10 million (in which you can not buy and sell for $17 million because it is too expensive) and offer them with $1000 as a bettor in agreed time, saying something like this,

 “If I am able to get a buyer to buy it for $17 million in three days, and he or she buys it in two or three days at 5pm, I have right to take $7million as a profit and you collect $10 million because I help you to get the buyer quickly since you are not able to look to get a buyer to buy that property. But if I fail to get our buyer to buy your property in three days, you have right or power to take $ 1000 and I lose it".

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That is what I call it binary option contract. Do you get me? Good! If you understand what I explain you this as an example in illustration above, you will understand what binary option contracts are really meaning.

It compares with stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices in trading. If you choose one either and your prediction is correct, then you win a profit. But if your prediction is wrong, you will lose a profit to a holder.

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That is right what binary options trading are about. Frankly, if you know much more about either currencies, stocks, commodities and or both because you did it before, you will still win profit daily. 

People become a millionaire through binary options contracts they buy or sell contracts daily because they were once an investor, a day trader, a forex trader. That is a secret I expose you this lesson. 

If you are not an investor or shareholder, you just enter binary option as a bettor and it may be risky for you. How can you predict that it goes up or come down when you do not know much about currencies, or stocks?

Another lesson in two on different topic: Why Binary Options Are Offered And How Binary Option Contracts Really Works would be indicated here. Click to learn there for more.


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    1. Sami, it is my pleasure. Thank you for appreciating this article. I will try to update another lesson again by God's grace.


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