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Top 10 Research Tools You Can Use To Make Profit From Shares

if you want to make millions from stocks investing, you must use stock website tools to select hot stocks

                                          Best Investment Tools

What are the types of investment sites that rich people or smart investors often visit for information or financial report or news about companies’ financial health or quarters? Why are they important to investors? How do investors know that it is a good buy and how do they know it is time to sell? 

Then this lesson, investment4Business will show you how they do this or that that make them rich and why they do it that others do not. Here are our two lessons you need to know about best investment tools.

The two following lessons are here:

                       · Why Are Research Tools Relevant To Investors?

                        · 10 Top Investment Websites

                        Why Are Research Tools Relevant To Investors? 

Research tools are the most important because it helps you to spot whether a stock is a good buy or not or escape from being burned your fingers as I did that Bloomberg saved me from my fingers being burnt.

Research tools are which I called investment tools online. And they will let you make your good judgment or discern whether a stock is a good buy or not or whether you decide to sell or not by updating you about companies’ fiscal health or quarterly health or any other news about their planning for future on their online blogs.

Most smart investors know how important investment websites are, and they need it for information about companies’ health they pick for a buy in a long term or short term. Without information about companies, they may lose in the stock market if they try because they don’t know a lot about stock sites or companies’ background, products or service or financial health.

That is where they come in for information or analysis. They make millions of dollar every quarter in short or long term buying and selling shares daily through the power of information. Information is the lifeblood of any business. Information is their life. Without this information, you may find yourself blind.

Research is the cornerstone for successes in stock investment. Ignorant investors lose a lot of money to other smart investors daily because they depend on other brokers or investors or facilitators’ hot recommendation without doing the research themselves as I did experience before. 

Bloomberg saved me from buying a giant oil stock in Nigeria by informing me about her poor financial health as I researched by comparing two stocks in different stock in the search box on this site. That is where rich investors do it that make them double or triple daily in the stock market through monthly or yearly subscription for information.

                                         10 Top Investment Websites 

1. Bloomberg Market Report
is a financial information provider that provides up to the minutes news and filings on public companies along with business news and analysis articles on companies and events. They will update you about companies in both local and international nations daily no matter where you are. So sign it up now.

2. Forbes is similar with Bloomberg, founded by David Churbuck. But they focus on business, personal finances, stock market news, technology, etc. And if you want to be updated either of them, then visit this site regularly.

3. InvestorGuide is unlike to other sites where they don’t provide more features what Investor Guide has. This tool, Investing 101: Getting Started, will provide you a list of companies for your research or analysis before making your investment decision.

4. Yahoo! Finance is the first and largest portal of its kind. Yahoo has done a wonderful job of providing practical information and financial capability for free of charge. If you are just a novice to the world of stock market and you know how it works, go to its Paper Trade and practice it to test your level of knowledge.

5. The Street Stock Market Report is articles related to investing contributed about companies by writers. It is the best website I ever know. They write about companies with their vast knowledge and fantastic insights for investors. 

If you want to know who stock is and how far its health is, you have read article about it from this street contributor by doing the ticker symbol or naming that stock in the search box.

6. Investing Stock Market Quotes And Financial Nrews is an updater of providing investment opportunities; financial news, stock market definition, etc. so if you don’t want to miss what happen to company or want to know about more stock market, etc, you have sign it up so that you can get alerts daily.

7. Zacks Investment Research is the best provider of financial report because you do the in-depth research on both stocks and index funds, but they require a membership so that you can access to many public and independent reports about stocks and mutual funds that help you to quest for the right stock or fund on your personal investment portfolios.

8. Investopedia Sharper Insight is the oldest site I ever know since I read it in 2010. But I don’t like it because of their full theories. But if you want information about retirement planning strategies, stock market WatchList, investment education, personal finance, money management, and a lot more insights from this company, you have to register for the updated newsletter in your inbox daily.

9. CNN Money is a world broadcaster online/offline of stock markets, business news and earnings. If you want to know what happens to international stocks’ share prices, you have to go and check daily stock price in report online on her web. They can broadcast Africa, Asia, Europe, etc’ share prices daily on her website or in the television.

10. Nigerian Stock Exchange is an operator that provides you financial report or quarterly new, daily stock price in her files daily. If you want to invest into any stock of your choice outside Nigeria, you have checked how far the company’s health is before investing in.


If you want to look where you can do your own research investment or monitor your own investment decision, you might not need to look for hot stock recommendations online. 

Or you do not need stockbroker, investors or facilitator’s hot stock tips. Do it yourself independently. I hope you benefit this lesson, “best investment tools”? Do you experience any of them above? How do you feel about them? Tell me about them in the comment box below.

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