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Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Need To Know About Starting A Business In Nigeria

most nigerians want to start their own business on their dream, but negative thoughts scare them from starting a business. it is big problem

Many Nigeria people are encouraged to start their own business because it can bring to their table three times daily and it helps to drastically reduce the number of unemployment.

It is good because starting a business in Nigeria as an owner gives a lot of benefits, including your being in control of your time and having the right to make as much income as you can from offering your product or service to your customers.

No other salary that can offer you financial freedom than business. No any other job security that can guarantee you financial future security than business. Only one business can guarantee you financial freedom, financial security and future security.

Starting a business in Nigeria as a part-time or full-time owner can only carry you financial prosperity. But unfortunately, many young people are not starting new businesses as expected due to some fear that they harbor.

Let me detail all three things that scare or bark people from starting a business or mistakes they make that can scare them from starting and growing a successful business in Nigeria.

Mistake 1: Wrong Mindset Starting a Business

Many people want to go into business because they want to be rich or want to make money or because they see their friends doing a business without developing their own passion or without researching what people really need. Before thinking of starting up a business in Nigeria, you must identify a problem you want to solve or you must identify your passion first.

Mistake 2: What If the Business Fails?

Many people have negative thoughts about business like that: what if it does not work? But can you advice me on which companies products it is best to trade in? What if my product and or service are not patronized? What if I am not able to generate the money required to keep running the business.

These negative things scare young people aspiring business owners from actualizing their desire to set up a business. One of my deaf married friends who did as employed painter paid a heavy price when he lost a job as a result of liquidated company because he said negative words by this when his mother and I tried to encourage him to start a business for his future security:

“where can I get tins to fill paints for sale? Where can I get a car to load plastic buckets of paint he bought wholesaling from a paint product? Where can I find money to start a business?”

Never say negative words because you will reap more than you sow negative thoughts. Stop negative thoughts. Go and start a business and learn what causes/mistakes you made.

Mistake 3: No Financial Support from Family and Government

What holds people back from starting a business in Nigeria is financial support. They can’t do without financial support from the family or government. They are right, but remember you have to have to take full responsibility for your success if you want financial freedom. No excuse whatever.

Many people still complain like this: “I have no money to start a business; my uncle does not help finance my project, etc”. Stop complaining and start with whatever you have from where you are. It is not about money you complain or excuse. But it is about idea, passion and interest that help you in starting a business in Nigeria.

I hope you benefit this lesson? What do you want to say what you read above there? Drop your comment here in this comment box. I would like to hear from you.

Thank you for reading this lesson.

Happy Reading!

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