Thursday, September 21, 2017

How To Convert Your Saving Money Seeds Into Your Wealth Building Vaults

the way out of financial hardship is to save up to % 20 every month and make money

                                              How to Save Your Money

In this lesson, investment4Business will guide you in steps about how to save your money and make money. Building your saving in the beginning may seem hard and tasking. But if you are persistent and patient, your savings nest will starts growing like a tree. John Tyler was quoted to put this article: ‘Wealth can only be accumulated by the earnings of industry and the savings of frugality’. Building savings is an important financial goal which ought to be embraced by all. So here is what investment4business will teach you through this lesson:

1. Have a Budget: The first step to take in building your savings nest is having a properly planned a budget at home. Having a budget means control your spending more than you earn and allow you more savings for future.

2. Cut Expenses: Learn to cut or reduce expenses or expenditures if it is more than your income. But if you can not reduce expenses which is certain and really necessary, try to make another extra stream. 

And if you find you can meet expenditures with your good income, be wise not to spend money on wants extravagantly.

3. Avoid Debt: Learn how to manage debt. Never borrow to spend on gratification. Never spend more than you earn. Borrow only for reason or borrow and pay back again quickly so as not become a debt. 

Borrow only for business. Rich people use good debt to get richer. That is investment or business. But poor people use bad debt to get poorer. That is dangling gratification. If you know you owe somebody, pay them little by little in order to avoid or reduce debt.

4. Increase Income: increasing income means increasing savings. Therefore, plan to increase savings by managing expenses wisely or plugging your financial leaks well. Saving for future emergency is important. 

Do not let increasing income stimulate you into more spending. If you want luxuries because of your increased income or salary, spend little.

5. Decide How Much To Save:
Don’t save anyhow. Decide how much you want to save for purpose and so know from which channels you will be increasing it.

6. Stick To Plan: If you decide how much you want to save daily for future building wealth, stick to this plan. Decide to keep this plan as much as possible. I know it is not easy. It could be challenging at the beginning, but with passage of time, you will certainly get used to it.

7. Set Saving Goals: Figure out how long it will take you to reach each of your goals.

Allocate your savings: for each goal, figure out how long you have to save for it and your monthly target. Next, prioritize your goals, and set aside savings for each.

8.Track Your Saving Growth: Get in the habit of checking your progress each month. This keeps you on target, helps you to spot and correct problems quickly, and may inspire you to cut your spending so you reach your goal even faster.


Wealth-building future is awaiting you if you are ready to sacrifice. Remember, if you start saving one of those money seeds each time you earn, you will soon start sowing your way to wealth or money growth. 

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Learn to convert saving seeds into building wealth through seed investments or business or strong assets. I hope you enjoy this lesson, How to Save Your Money? How does this lesson benefit you? Share with me in this comment box.

Happy reader!

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