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How To Open Your Entrepreneurial Potentials For Growth In Nigeria


                                                       Growing Small Business

Are you looking to know how you can grow your small business, but you don’t know how to go about it? so in this lesson, “Growing Small Business”, Investment4Business will show you what to do to make your small business grow so smart.

I know that Bill Gates and other dangerous big entrepreneurs become the world’s fastest growth in business. Some local dangerous entrepreneurs in Africa grow their business fast.

How do they do that? What is it about them that have made their fast business growth? So this lesson will indicate you about details you need to know how they can get grow their business without pain or how they can mange to turn those dreams into reality and how you too can apply their business secrets or business tips.

Business Growth 1: The Place of Passion

What makes me grow my business fast is passion. I never know I can grow my business in hard time if I don’t develop my passion. According to a business columnist in the SuccessDigest Extra newspaper, if you are motivated and excited about what you are doing, people will follow and your organization will grow. This may be the most important element in your business because it is the true spirit behind growth.

Business Growth 2: Having A Vision

You can never grow your business if you lack a vision. You must build your empire around this central vision and steered clear of all other distractions. Make a vision of what you want your business to be and focus on it for business growth.

Business Growth 3: Building a Good Team

What keeps you growing your business is Team. If you don’t hire a good team, you can not grow your business fast. That is where Bill Gates made it because he was quoted to say, “If we weren’t still hiring great people and pushing ahead at full speed, it would be easy to fall behind and become a mediocre company”.
Building a team can make or mar your business growth. So you have been careful when you choose a team. What makes Bill Gates’ Microsoft growth from the inception is to prioritize his team, bring in only trusted friends to help him get the company started. 

Once the business grew, he insisted that they hire only the most capable young minds and strove to create a small and create environment for them to thrive in. His business, Microsoft, grew fast not only because of Bill Gates, but because of the strong team that stood behind him.

Business Growth 4: Thinking of the long-term Approach

Successful business or growing my business is not short-cut success. It is only for long-term. If you want to grow your business, think of the long-term approach. Thinking of the long-term approach in your business is to hone your business by spending your money on new research initiatives daily. 

Never chase after instant success or an immediate pay-off. Only focus on one for over a time. What made Gates successful in his company began coding his software with a view to the next fifty years.

Business Growth 5: Learning From Failure

Failure is a lesson that you must learn from. Failure is an experienced teacher that will teach you a lesson. You never enable to grow your business without learning new mistakes you make. If you want to grow your business or succeed in your business, you must allow mistakes so that you can learn well like you do in your school when it comes to maths.

You can not pass your exams in maths without learning mistakes you make. Maths is like business. You can not grow in business without learning why you make mistakes.

What distinguished Gates and other successful entrepreneurs from the rest were their abilities to rebound from their mistakes and take whatever lessons they could from them. They then could become even more resolute and determined to see their vision realized. That is what I read from a Nigerian magazine.

Business Growth 6: Don’t Stop Asking Questions

What makes you grow your business afar is to ask some questions you don’t understand or you can’t solve. Whenever you encounter problems, challenges in business that you can not solve, you should ask people some questions about it because the Bible said in Chapter 15 verse 22 of Proverbs (RSV): “Without counsel, plans go wrong, but with many advisers they succeed”. 

If you want to grow your business successfully, you must ask questions in humility. Hear this wonderful man, Gates I draw quote into this article: “I believe that through our natural inventiveness, creativity and willingness to solve tough problems, we are going to make some amazing achievements”.

When faced a dilemma, Gates didn’t give up or stop. He still asked questions about what could be done to solve the problem. I was told that from business activities to his philanthropic efforts, Gates’ curiosity and desire to constantly be learning has been one of the key factors behind his business growth.


I believe that if you follow it religiously for your business growth, you will make it even if the globe whips you with fast changes. So let me drop my pen here. I hope you enjoy this lesson, ‘Growing Small Business’? Do you have any question you want to ask or you want to add? Drop your comment here below this box.

Happy Ownpreneur!

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