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How To Become A Nigerian Womanpreneur


                          Business A Woman Can Run From Home In Nigeria

In this tutorial, investment4business will show you how you can run business successfully as a female entrepreneur from home. If you can not afford to rent any warehouse or shop or factory to float a business, you can start a business from kitchen, backyard, garage, flat room or two bedrooms.

Yes. Most successful female entrepreneurs do that. They start from home and build enormous prosper from that. For instance, there was a white woman who started juicy drink business from her kitchen and become a millionaire.

How did she do it? She just bought fruits from a farmer and brought it to her home. She was married with children. So she cleaned it hygienically, blended it with another one or more fruits by a big blender. Then she poured it into plastic bottles, packaged it with a label and sealed it. Then she sold it. She did it till her business grew. Then she moved to become a big player. Sometimes she licensed one of her fruit recipes to a processing fruit manufacturer. 

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That is how she grew big from small beginning. She did not try everything as a processing-fruit industrialist. She did not try to build a factory for proceeding fruits business. She was wise. She knew that she did not have millions to start a process-fruit business.

She did not wait till she had enough money before she set up a preceding fruits company. She just started business at home. She knew she could not afford a squeezing, peeling, and blending, sealing, packaging machinery equipment in the factory. She just started a business at home by using a blender for proceeding and package. It is light, not heavy. Her husband helped her to work together in the kitchen for business.

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Another again, a Nigerian woman could not fulfill her life with a job she was employed. She was a lawyer. So she decided to go into venture at home. She produced palm oil seeds in the backyard she bought from palm seed sellers and extracted palm oil from those seeds. Then she sold one plastic container to the palm oil retailer. She used the backyard for business from her home. What more?

Let me continue with another one case study as an example. One Nigerian married woman travelled to another city where there were cheap raw foodstuffs and bought a few foodstuffs in bags. Then she brought it to her house for store and so she went to a foodstuff wholesaler and offered her on cash and carry if the female seller accepted it.

That is how the married woman succeeded in business. When improving profitably well, she set up a rent warehouse for great business. The journey of thousand miles starts with a mile. Simply. I saw one of my Igbo neighours used her neighbor’s veranda free in opposite to her rented house to bake and sell puff-puffs, buns, etc to pedestrians at her beside home. Don’t try everything if you know you have short cash on your pocket.

Using home for business has advantage because it helps you reduce the cost of running a business and allows you to make more profitable in your packet. Your neigbours helps you sell their mouths for you if you introduce your product to them and if you offer them best product at cheaper price comparing to the public marketing price. 

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They will come to your home in far and or near and buy something from you in the afternoon, evening or night once they know about your product on cash and carry price. If you are employed in shift, you can do by buying or producing and selling at your home or your landlord’s house as a part-time trader. Two streams of income are better than one.

One female graduate made her first million naira because whenever she travelled to Lagos to see his brother, she would buy something cheap as she received gift for travelling and sold it to her mates in school. If you use home for business, do you pay a monthly rent for using it? Use any space to sell something at home and make money.

Any question you want to ask me or comment you want to share or would like to appreciate what you read there? Then you are most welcome to this comment box. Or how do you do it? How do you run a business successfully at home? How do you start with low capital and prosper in business? Share with me and would love to hear your story and then publish it in my blog.

This article is a lesson in which investment4business show you, “business a woman can run from home in Nigeria” in this blog. I hope you enjoy this lesson, “business a woman can run from home in Nigeria”? Then share with other women this link on your social media friends.

Happy businesswoman!

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