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10 Best Investment Ideas In Nigeria You Can Make Money

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What makes you financial freedom and stay rich is investing. In this tutorial, I will indicate you about 10 Best Investment Ideas you can start with investment. No salary can make you a millionaire. But investing and business do. Are you under financial debt? Do you want to get out of financial plight and stay rich? Then this lesson is for you to learn about different best investment ideas you can invest in for income.

Many smart people become a billionaire because they are investors and businessmen. Investment and business are what makes ordinary people so rich even their poor education. It is not enough that you become an employee. You must learn how to be an investor and businessman. Okay? Now, I would like to share with you about most successful profitable investment ideas you can set up with.

These investments are risky, but you must take risk if you want to become a rich man in the world. The following lesson is here:

Idea 1: Investing In Buying and Selling Business

Do you want to be financial freedom? Then Invest in business by buying physical products at cheap price and sell it wholesale/retail. That is what makes you rich.

Idea 2: Investing In Stock Market

Do you like to be poor in the future? What do you do if you are sacked out of work? Invest in shares for future security. Do you want to become a multi-millionaire? Invest in shares for capital appreciation. That is what makes smart people like Warren Buffer, etc so rich in the world. 

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Idea 3: Invest in Properties

Do you want low-earning people to work for you while you sleep idly? Then invest in single-family properties for poor and middle people. They need shatters for their comfort.

Idea 4: Invest in Financial Institutions

Are you looking for good compound interest that will be paid into your saving account monthly or annually daily? Do you want to enjoy earning monthly salary for your future retirement at age? Look to invest in any financial institution that can pay you higher interest on your investment than on your saving account.

Idea 5: Invest In People’s Ideas

People are looking for investors to invest in their business ideas at an agreed-payment interest. Go and look to invest in people’s businesses that can pay you higher monthly interest. It is only for capitalists that can invest heavy in their business ideas.

Idea 6: Investing in your own products

Do you want to be financial independence? Invest in your own product. I mean manufacture. Manufacture any product and market them to wholesalers and consumers for millions daily. You must sell more products at low price for millions daily.

Idea 7: Invest in agro-food business

Any other business can fold up, as a result of economic recession or global change. But the only one business that can not be choked to death is FOOD. Invest in agro-food business because those who venture into food business become a millionaire now. They have good houses, good cars and everything they have through agro-food business they invest in.

Idea 8: Invest in Forex Market

The riskier the investment is, the higher the return on your investment is. If you want to make higher return on your investment in the shortest time, invest in forex market for your strategic knowledge.

Idea 9: Invest In Binary Options

Buying and selling call-put options are like predications. When you believe that shares of AZX stock will go up in 30 days, invest in for stock appreciation. In other words, you believe that shares of AZX will go down in 4 days and invest in or you will lose if this stock does not go back to low in 4 days. If you want, invest in that option.

Idea 10: Invest in Mutual funds

The sooner you invest in, the richer you become. If you want to know what types of mutual funds you want to invest for long term, visit Morningstar top 20 funds for details. Choose any mutual funds at low price that make you millions in the long term. Read about mutual funds well from expert writers before investing in mutual funds.


This article, ’best Investment Ideas’ is a lesson every people should know before they invest in. Choose any investing idea that fits you and invest in. Be trained on any investment ideas you want to invest in. If you want to binary option for investing, be trained well. Be trained more than three times.

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