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Top 10 Tips In Starting A Business From Scratch

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May be you are taught online or offline about how to start a business, but in this lesson, investment4business will show you about tips on starting a business more than what you are taught outside this blog. The two following lessons about tips on starting a business you need to learn more about are here:

           · Understanding about a business before setting up a business

           · Tips in starting a business 

      Understanding about a business Before Setting Up A Business

If you want to embark up a business, you need to understand about a business so well because starting a business is risk that requires daring, challenge, research, innovation, diligence, knowledge, well management, determination, flexibility, dedication, etc.

Starting a business requires vision, passion, courage, diligence, knowledge, skillful marketing strategies, motivation, new learning, communication, commitment, team, etc. If you are qualified with these characteristics or features, you are on your way to business success even though hard your country’s economy is. 

                                  Tips In Starting a Business 

Tip 1: Think About What You Can Do For Others

If you think about yourself and your family because you want to make money, your business will not last. If you think about others that you would like to serve them, your business will stand well even recession or global scourges. Love what you can do to others, not what you love. 

Tip 2: Who Are Business Opportunities?

Business opportunities are people (individuals or groups), organizations and institutions you need to test or study what types of needs, desires, and wants you can fill with in your service. Choose what type of needs, desires and wants people are willing to spend to satisfy their needs, wants and or desires. 

Tip 3: Be Daring
Don’t be scared of trying what no one else has ever done. You have to take risk as if you have faith. You do not know how much you make money till you try risk. Taking risk means being brave and active no matter what happens, no matter how your financial situation is. Don’t panic no matter how many mistakes you make. Be daring and active.

Tip 4: Business Plan

Take a jotter and write some goals down like: whom do I sell to? Who are people? What type of needs, wants, problems can I serve people in exchange of value? Etc. It will help you to plan well. 

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Tip 5: Set Up A Brand Name Idea

No matter how small your business is, you must register your brand name. You must register your business name. Choose a short brand name for your business. Let people know who brand business is. Choose one or two words/phrase or name/or surname for business name. 

Tip 6: Building your entrepreneurial mindset

I say you can become a millionaire without reading, but you can not become a billionaire businessman without reading. Get a mentor for your business on money management, marketing, etc through motivated books, video/audio recording, etc. Invest in books because it pays you highest dividends later.

Tip 7: Be Disciplined In Your Business

The failure businessman buy first when they find their business starts making money, but the successful businessman buy last because they want their business to grow first. Be wise in your spending and make good use of your time. Be disciplined and patient if you want to build a successful empire later. 

Tip 8: Respect Employees or Labour carriers

Some billionaire businessmen once said, “I pay workers good salary, not because I have money, but because I make a lot of money”.

Tip 9: Control Leaks In Your Business Reservoir

To keep income flowing into your reservoir daily from products or service, control your business by plugging those leaks from business reservoir through financial recording yourself. 

Tip 10: Give Back To God

Do you want God to bless your business and also insure your health, business and your family against odds? Give back to Him each time you get company income. 


This lesson, tips on starting a business, I taught you about early is not enough. You need to know more about than those tips in this blog. Invest in books on business that will pay you handsome dividends later. I hope you enjoy benefiting from this lesson. Spread this linking lesson to others on your social media, forum, blog, etc and they may benefit from this lesson. Any question or add or correct? Welcome to this comment box below.

Happy view!

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