Friday, May 19, 2017

How To Become A Great Food Marketer In Nigeria


In the last lesson, I shared with you about how to start a business selling food in my blog. But today, I would like to share with you another title: Food Business you can start and run profitably in this lesson. The following steps to be learned about the food business you can do to start and succeed in are here:  

Step#1: Choose what type of food you want to start a business. Why do you want to accomplish it? What do you see in the food market? Is there anything you can serve people in the food industry? What do people need most in the food market or the food community you can serve for them? Is there any gap you can fulfill in the food market? What type of food your competitors don’t serve people (well)?

Step#2: Write something down what you see in the food market or the food community, why you want to start a business or take over your food competitor in the food market/the food community and how much you want to finance your project, what type of food equipment you want to plan and where you want to operate.

Don’t walk into food venture without planning. Opening a food business can be a slow process, but it can be rewarding later if you know how to manage it well. 

Step#3: Choose a good location or good environment where you want to operate. Choose where people are enough or busy working in the high junction, with their financial abilities if you go into foodstuff, cooking-food or groceries business. Location makes or mars your food business.

Step#4: Test your recipes. Test how you improve your recipes or you can get feedback from real people. Choose what type of recipes you can offer people in the food service. What do you think you can make a difference in the food market/the food community? What type of recipes can people spend money on to eat food daily? Is it local or international they can spend money on? 

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Analyze it yourself if you do not want to be disappointed when people don’t buy for food. If you choose what type of recipes people like most, follow it up. Even if you see that your competitor sells food in the same place, you can set a food business beside or opposite them if they don’t have what you offer in the service.

Step#5: Establish your own brand name. Decide what type of business brand you want to name. Let your brand name be short, attractive and memorable. Then design your brand name, package and label that will attract people to your service if you are into food processing business or fast-food business like Br Big, food shopping mall business like Shoprite or food supermarket.

Step#6: Operate with top food companies if you want to become as a food distributor.

Step#7: Know about food regulations you received from food authorities if you are into food processing business.

Step#8: Decorate your shop or supermarket (/warehouse) that will fascinate or appeal people to your service if you are into canteen/restaurant/fast-food business/groceries business.

Step#9: Change or improve your recipes/food products if local store buyers or consumers complain or don’t like what you offer in the service. Innovate your (inside or outside) shop/supermarket/package/recipes if necessary/food products every year or every two/three years if necessary. 

Keep your dress/apron or your employees’ hygienic as if you look professional and also keep your inside and outside shop neat and attractive. 

Let me drop my pen here and I hope you enjoy this lesson, the Food Business you can start and run prosperous profitably ? What do you want me to help you out? What is your problem that you like solution? How do you feel this article? What do you want to say about this article?

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