Monday, May 22, 2017

How To Become A Local Food Packager Without Farming

making money daily is to sell local pakaged foods . Most people can not tolerate without food. They need foods for their stomach.

As for about small food business in Nigeria, I would like to ask you some questions. Are you good at kitchen? Do you love cooking at home? Do you know that foodstuffs you purchase and cook them at home can make you rich? In this lesson, will share with you about small food business in Nigeria.  Investing in food business is what make you money for life. Read these three following lessons are here:

· The popularity Of Food packaged products

· How to start and sell local food packaging products

· Facing Challenges

                 The Popularity Of Food Packaged Products 

If you go to the popular wholesale marketplace at the junction or supermarket at the high traffic or zebra crossing environment, you will see how the popularity of food packaged products is on the rise in the competitive market daily. 

Why? It is because most targeted rich consumers or average rich celebrities or average poor people or middle-rich people are ready to purchase whenever it come to food-packaging products. Assuming that you venture into packaging food business, you will make profitable daily from this industry selling ready-made foods.

Surely, this local packaged business is highly profitable if almost all the dense population in the world don’t have time to cook when it comes to home. They hate if they purchase some raw foodstuffs, separated it from chaffs, clean it and go to the market for milling as I experienced because it wastes their time. 

That is the reason food-processing competitors come in. if you are ready to help customers to package best qualified food products for them to buy, they will appreciate you for this product and will still demand it more from you.

                How to start and sell local food packaging products

Step1: Decide what type of raw foodstuffs, be it wheat, rice, palm oil, fruit, etc you want to pack and sell. What do you see in the market you want to package for sale? The best thing you can start and grow within time is one or two products. It save your time in case that you make mistake. 

Step 2: Go get some equipment such as stainless milling machine, sealing machine, weighing machine, cutter spraying tray, etc if you have financial capacity to buy or you can look who have and pay for their service. 

Step 3: Process, measure in grams, label and package gram-nylon foodstuffs into nylon boxes or cartons. Determine how much you want to sell per nylon each. It replies on type of size you want to charge for the packaged food product.

Step 4: Take one sample to food authorities in order to get a certified or verified number. It may cost you for one product. For NAFDAC in this country you want to get a number from officials, it may cost you up to 50k for one product each in different food. It is unlike FAD officials. You can get a license for all food products immediately. 

Step 5: Go to supermarket, wholesalers, church, ceremonial events, etc with your new packaging products and sell it to them in distribution. And employ some people that will help you to market your product and distribute it some where. 

                                       Facing Challenges 

The challenges you may face are lack of fund for packaging equipment, Food authorities that charges you so high for one product each, rejection based by supermarket, etc. Do not give up if you want to succeed in business. Keep fighting till you prosper what you lay your hand on to do it. 


This title,“Small Food Business ”, is a lesson that walks you through. I hope you enjoy this lesson? If you find this lesson worth reading, please share this link with other social media friends. 

Thank for your time.

Happy Foodstuffpreneur!

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